Sizing the model correctly (AccuTrans3D)

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Nane, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Downloaded AccuTrans3D, saved as .dae. Got a bunch of errors when I uploaded. 1st error was a manifold issue. I figured it was the clothing on my miniature and I was right. Ended up making a unifying mesh in Zbrush, re-detailing the clothing and it came out fine. Next issue on upload was that it was too small. So I played with the AccuTrans settings for sizing a miniature just like the tutorial says to do on ShapeWays. Uploaded it again, now it says it is too big. Specifically:

    Your object is too big! The size is 2329.52 x 1166.70 x 638.08 cm / 917.13 x 459.33 x 251.22 inch (h x w x d). We can only produce designs up to 1000.00 x 1000.00 x 1000.00 cm / 393.70 x 393.70 x 393.70 inch (h x w x d). Please rescale it to make it smaller

    Okay, I'm trying to make a miniature model that is 23-24mm high. I made it in Sculptris and Decimated it in Zbrush. I would use Zbrush's craptastic printer plugin feature, but it doesn't work for me. I am having the same issue as the guy here: mp;start=0&S=8fae965300a58fa4336a21a946ed99ca

    Anyway, after trying various things for FOUR FRIGGIN HOURS to get the Zbrush plugin to work I gave up and used AccuTrans. Nice program, but I guess I do not meet the intelligence requirement to use it. Here's a screenshot of the measurements for Accutrans. I have played with several import units but I have no idea what Sculptris uses. If maybe anybody here can figure out what is going on and tell me what to input I would appreciate it.

    Also if anybody could recommend a program that does re-sizing of 3d models in a less complicated way I would appreciate it. Shame the Zbrush plug doesn't work for me...
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    Okay, after playing in accutrans for a while I started to hit in the ballpark. 25cm, then adjust the model in accutrans again and again. Odd, my model was fine, then on one upload I got a Manifold error again. Extruded 2d edges in accutrans (black magic indeed) and it worked again. Finally hit my goal of 21mm.

    However I was still faced with the scaling issue in the future since accutrans is a base mess concerning initial import units.

    So I was able to import my model into Bryce, stand him on the ground at 21mm tall, and bring in other models, shrink them down to size and they come out perfectly how I want them. I was even able to stack two of the 21mm minis in bryce and use it as a scale to figure out 54mm which when I attempted to upload to Shapeways I hit at 55mm on the dot. Not bad.

    Trial and error, sorry for the fun! :confused