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  1. Jennilisa
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    Hello shapeways community :)
    Last summer I printed a 2D logo as a 3D pendant. Now I'd like to use shapeways for a real 3D object for the first time.
    But, as it is my first try and one of my first 3D modells ever, I'm a little scared that it might not turn out the way I hope.
    The attached file contains a lucky pig. I'd like to have it printed in stainless steel, but it shouldn't be too expensive, so I thought of a height of about 2 cm. My questions are:
    1. Is that size possible, so that there will remain enough details and the text won't be destroyed?
    2. Is the file okay or are there any errors? (Should I have merged the parts with a boolean modifier before exporting the stl from Blender?)

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  2. mkroeker
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    Looks good to me (but I have not tried that material yet - answering more out of courtesy as I downloaded your model to look at it in netfabb - wait another day for the real wizards to comment, if you can).
    Merging the parts is probably safer than letting the shapeways software do their magic during the upload, however.
    Also this model is of similar size (actually a bit smaller even), so it could give you an idea what level of detail to expect.
  3. stonysmith
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    There is an oddity to how the thickness of separate shells are measured. As it is, the letters and the tail are going to get flagged as incorrect. I would advise that YES, you should union all the parts together into a single shell.

    You can also do this very easily if you upload the item to

    If you want a formal answer you should to send your file to They pay attention to the forums, but they check and deal with requests from email before they have the luxury of reading thru the forums.
  4. Jennilisa
    Jennilisa New Member
    Thank you very much for your answers.
    I tweaked the model a little bit today, let it be repaired by the netfabb cloud service and finally had the courage to upload it to Shapeways. Let's hope for the best...
    I guess you'll read about it in the "It arrived!" section, if it works out fine :p