Size Tolerances for 3D Model Components

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  1. Aaro_Arts
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    Hello there.
    This is my first time here so I hope I've posted this query in the correct place.

    I'm building a 3D model with individual components that fit together once printed.

    I'm unsure of the best way to describe it, so I have included this image for illustration purposes:


    As you can see, this cuboid has a cap that slots into it once it's 3D printed.
    My question is, will they fit together if the edges are the same size (in this case 6mm and 24mm), or do I need to make the cap slightly smaller? if so, by how much? After all I don't want it to be loose, but I also need it to fit nicely.

    I figure it may be fine if a bit of force is used as it's being printed in plastic here at Shapeways.

    Thanks guys.
  2. stop4stuff
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    What plastic material are you planning on having the model printed in?
    In my experience, Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail is about the best tolerance fit (same dimensions) you can get, for the Strong & Flexible varieties, I find that maybe 0.1-0.2mm less on the lid (insert) portion side of things is ok, but not perfect.

  3. Aaro_Arts
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    Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. It's much appreciated.

    I plan to print it in the white/black strong and flexible plastic.
    I have since adjusted the sizes to allow a tolerance of 0.1mm. I hope that's enough :)
    If not, I may have to try the detailed plastic.

    Thanks again.
  4. numarul7
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    Real life difference in measurements for WSF it is 0.20 mm error.
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