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    I've created two figurines which I scaled to the same size in my 3d program and their dimensions are pretty close in my shapeways shop too:

    Figurine no.1:
    3.6 w x 8.86 d x 9.9 h (cm)

    Figurine no.2:
    3.48 w x 8.86 d x 10.04 h (cm)

    I've just received my second Print and I'm very happy with it but I realized that it's almost 1cm higher, longer and thicker than the first.

    After measuring I realized that the second print has the right proportions but that instead the first print came out too small.

    It seems to be missing that one cm in width, lenght and depth.
    It's 8,1 cm high at most when it should be about 8,9 cm.
    Kind of hard to take exact measure because all I have is a folding ruler but it's clear that it's too small.

    I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this since I've had the first figurine for sale in my Shapeways Shop for about two weeks.
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