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    Hi all,

    Yesterday we updated our site. We released the following features and bugfixes:

    Model details received an update
    The model details page is now converted to a product details page. We feel this better reflects on what the page is about.

    Product description edit box has moved from right column to main page
    This way the product description is much easier to edit and format. There is more room and the position is the same as for your customers.

    Tweet about your order
    When you place an order with us you can tell the world about the wonderful things you bought with us. Totally voluntary of course. :D
    Available on the order confirmation page.

    Easier selection of payment method when you order
    The payment options were a bit hidden inside the order review page. It is now much easier to spot that you can choose and what the options are.

    Opt-in for manual model fixing
    Failed uploads of 3D models were automatically added to the manual model fixing queue. This is now an opt-in option which you can select on the model upload page.

    Removed "Enlarge" button from product details page

    We also fixed the following issues:
    * saving product categories sometimes failed when the max. number of categories were selected
    * site search (right top corner) failed when you used quotes ""
    * Hanging blue overlay in category box in FF 3.6.6
    * Deleted models were not removed from the search index


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