Single Mesh or Multiple Closed Intersecting Meshes?

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  1. joshuagilbreath
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    Good afternoon everyone!

    I have a quick question.

    I am looking for some clarification on the modeling techniques used to print.

    Does is matter how your different meshes interact?

    For example, I have two cubes modeled and I want the two cubes printed together.

    Does the mesh have to be a single mesh, or can it simply be two cubes intersecting in the 3D space? Will this print? (the meshes are both watertight and non-manifold)


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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Your model will print the way it is. Shapeways just takes the surface of what you see to print. Get a copy of open your stl file in this WYSIWYG. Depending on the size of your model, you may want to think about making it hollow to keep the price down. This link will be useful
  3. joshuagilbreath
    joshuagilbreath New Member
    Thank you for clarifying my issue JACANT. Really appreciate it!
  4. Fredd
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    Joshua it will work. Select 1 cube, then the other then export. SW will apply a boolean union modifier to any two separate objects whose volumes intersect in a uploaded file. Results create a single mesh, a well defined volume and a unified surface. Make sure all face normals are facing in the correct direction, besides the meshes being manifold