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    I have a new model that, while I'm not ready to list it for sale, I'd like to list it publicly so my followers can see and anticipate what's coming next. So I select "Display to the Public" and save changes on my product editing page. I get a display message that says, "your product is set to private pending review by the Shapeways Team." NEVER seen that before...this model IS NOT offered for sale, and it is preliminary. But since when does Shapeways gate-keep even the simple public listing of a model?? I had it listed publicly previously (and it was viewable via my "Creations" tab) and merely updated the model. Any ideas?
  2. mike962
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    And an email:

    Hi Mike,

    Our team has completed its review of your model USS Monitor turret. It is now available in your Shapeways shop and ready for sale.

    Have more questions? Send our service team an email - or just reply to this email.

    Shapeways Team

    WTH is this?
  3. mike962
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    Replied to their email inquiry what was up, received this response. So question answered:

    Hey Mike,

    This was triggered by a bug in the system that accidentally marked models with the name "turret" as having to be manually checked by our legal team.
    We have since identified the bug and fixed it right away :)

    Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Then can you explain why several of us are getting the same issue, when we don't have the word turret?
  5. mike962
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    I'd guess it's because the logarithm is much more far reaching and it's ensnared a word you have used.
  6. Ontogenie
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    Whaaaaat? Manual checks are triggered by text, not by wall thickness and fine details? Weird.

    From now on, all of my models are going to be called "big fat thick thing." :D
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  7. MitchellJetten
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    This manual check is only to verify that the product you're trying to sell meets our content policy.
    Unfortunately this process doesn't determine printabilit :D
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