Simplest job on here... Just need someone to model a pyramid for me

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  1. Pablo123
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    I am guessing is should be about as simple a request as you will see: just need someone to generate a model of a pyramid for shapeways. Dimensions of the square base is 4 inches a side, and each face a 55-55-70 triangle. If my high school math is correct, the vertical sides of the triangle would be 3.5 inches.
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    To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt: nothing worth doing is easy, nothing easy is worth doing.

    At that size, the object is going to be rather expensive.
    You could save a large amount of money if you make the pyramid hollow.
    But, that causes the question: What Material would you like to print it in?

    Each material has a different wall thickness requirement.

    The attached file is 4x4x3.5 and is completely solid.
    It'd cost about $425.00 to print as a solid in WSF, possibly somewhere around $70 if it was hollow.

    Edit: you actually want a pyramid that is 2.86" from the base to the peak.

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  3. Pablo123
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    Thank you very much. I was going to make something for my nephew in plastic, but at those costs, it is obvious I should go back to manual. I doubt he is going to appreciate a set of $70 toy pyramids!

    If I ever get something that merits this kind of work and cost I will let you know. Thank you again.