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    This initiative has the goal of providing the international market an innovative platform that is also aligned with the needs of the environment.
    “Green Digital Marketing Platform” is dedicated to making digital prototypes available to technical and non-technical staff during the development phases.
    Using today’s modern rendering software, in conjunction with Augmented Reality, it is possible for real-time browsing, modification of digital models: thus means a vision of a simpler designing process, letting the designer focusing on his or her ideas and not on technical matters about the software. As of today, thanks to software like Think3 Design and LinceoVR, any change becomes a realistic visualization of the prototype in real time, the design materializes in the surrounding environment with the augmented reality, product placement and benchmark become instantaneous as well as the sharing of information.

    Connecting to the website <a href="" target="_blank"></a>can be viewed the video and have a live test of online augmented reality.

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