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  1. trancemania
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    I have a very simple product that I need a 3d model created for.

    I need someone who knows about the injection molding process.

    Im uploading a picture,i can supply more which show different angles.
    The product has threads,which i will also need to have in the 3d model.

    Please letr me know approx how long and how much it would cost.

    The internal diameter is 1.5 inches.

    Sorry,forgot to mention material:
    It is ABS.


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  2. stonysmith
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    I am sure that someone here can whip that out in minutes. I myself am not practiced (yet) with doing threads, so I'll pass.

    But, you need to say what material you would want to print it in, as that affects a bit of how it would be designed..
  3. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    how accurate do you need it reproduced?

    I have experience printing threads in FUD. Other materials you can try at your discresion.

    If you give me all the dimensions I can whip it up tonight.

    Need ID, OD, thickness of arcs, spacing between arcs going same direction. height of arcs.

    pitch depth and length of threads.

    Cost $10 for model.
  4. trancemania
    trancemania New Member
    Sorry,forgot to mention material:

    It is ABS.

    I have a piece that I can mail you to work off.
    My final product is close to the current one I have.

  5. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    I can work off actual model.
  6. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member

    By the way abs is a pretty low res material. I would not be able to print threads on my printer. However shapeways does have a much Better printer then me. I can measure your model acurate to 50th of an inch. Will this be good enough for you.

    I live in Winnipeg, Canada so shipping to me may be a little more. you can pick up calipers from a hobby store usually for as little as $10 may be cheaper to buy one and make the measurements yourself. Esecially if you plan to do more things.
  7. Vicons
    Vicons New Member

    Are you still looking for someone to make a 3D CAD file of this product?

    If so, i might be interested in making it for you. Please send me all the information you have about this product to: so i can make an estimate about the time in need to engineer it.

    Best regards,
    Hans van der Wal