simple 30mm miniature needed

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  1. islandtrevor
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    I am looking for a sculptor who can recreate the image below in 25mm heroic scale in 16 poses .
    A few changes to the figure are required, the belt simplified to a strap, the gun removed completely and 4 simple hair styles.
    As this is a personal project my funds a limited to 200 American. As another option 4 zero position models with the hair styles that I could pose myself.
    Thank you for your replies. 3e0d761f82077558c20cbd68a4948416.jpg
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  2. benyeobh
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    PM sent.
  3. Pseurai
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    PM sent.
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  4. islandtrevor
    islandtrevor New Member
    Thank you, I have found an artist to take on this project.
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