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  1. Hello All,

    I'm a bit new to Shapeways, and I'm not all too familiar what sort of resolution they can handle when printing with the Premium Silver. I've attached an image of the part I want printed--a small rose charm for a special someone. The overall dimensions of this piece run about 2.4 cm in height, 1.5 cm in width, and .122 cm in depth; Shapeways automated checker said that these dimensions would be okay, but the wall thickness might be a concern, since the thinnest walls (found in the rose pattern) run about .31 mm thickness, which is well below the recommended .8 mm minimum.

    Shapeways looks like they are still willing to try to print this design; do y'all think that this design could still be printed well?

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    It may get rejected in manual review when/if you place the order. 1.22 mm is pretty thin and the .3 'walls' are just thin wires at that size. Funny thing is the premium polish is a more aggressive polish and this is where your design will likely warp and break if printed and polished. I would tweak the design to get much closer to .8 mm and maybe go 3 mm in thickness. It is a good idea to share your model checks and a link is provided for this, 'looks like they are still willing to print this design' is pretty arbitrary while the model checks show the actual tolerances and issues. -S
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    I've never seen a model almost fully 'suspect' color coded. This model passes with flying colors (99% green) and was printed polished and broken with modest handling (at the loop interface). Your link will not currently display the heatmap, servers probably just too busy ATM. I think you just need to compromise and revise the design until it is closer to meeting print specs, this is the nature of the game here. Light embossing can polish out at that level of finish. -S