silver ring with interchangeable inset

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  1. kontor_apart
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    A silver ring with an interchangeable inset in 10 different colors and a Swarovski gemstone.

    The real thing :

    This is how you change the inset :

    Rendering of the digital model :

  2. natalia
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    That's great!
  3. kontor_apart
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    Thanks for that. The relatively simple model actually demonstrates an important shortcoming of the Shapeways platform.

    A demonstration of the issue can be seen here:

    This is what a customer might want to order:

    This is what has to be produced and what Shapeways would send to the customer:

    Result: Pretty pointless.

    As long as we are not able to get a hand on the model, as long as we are not able to make some very minor additions or refinements to the piece, as long as we have no reasonable way to service the customer, it makes no sense to offer items like this for sale on your platform.

    We have many other models with equivalent requirements and people, including myself, have tried to work around this deficiency, as seen here (looks pretty desperate to me):

    Much to my dismay, past reactions from Shapeways management were -ahem- less than encouraging.
    But times might have changed ...

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