Silver printed ring questions - shrinkage, etc.

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    Hi all,

    I've generally avoided rings up until this point. Largely because everyone has a different finger size and so on.

    However, I was wanting to do a silver ring through Shapeways as a personal one off. Still planning to eventually get more designs up for others to buy and enjoy, but more of the pendant, earring, statuette side of things.

    Three main questions, the first one being really basic.

    1) Do I just measure the finger of mine I want to wear the ring on and scale the mesh accordingly?

    Yup, super basic, but asking in case there is something I haven't taken into account, like leaving some slack so it is easier to take off for example.

    2) I read somewhere here on the forums that the silver prints were / are prone to shrinking down a little and not exactly matching the supplied mesh dimensions. Is this happening still to a degree that is worth considering?

    If it is only shrinkage of 1% or something effectively unnoticeable, that's fine. I'm not going to be that fussy given that I am my own client for this one. It would be nice to get a good fit though and I'd rather not get it cast too many times for a one off piece... :)

    3) Is it worth printing off a white detail test print or similar first?

    I know the feel of it will obviously be different and I'd probably have to pay for shipping separately, but being a personal project I could slip the test or final print on to another order and just be patient if I wanted to save the $20 odd dollars or so.

    I've designed the ring in 2d, but haven't done any modelling to show.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    According to the silver design rules, you can expect accuracy of +/- 25 micrometre (.025 mm). Can't help you with the sizing, best thing would be to use sizing rings, or measure around your knuckle so that your ring can get past that. I prefer my ring a little loose. I don't want to struggle to take it off. And I would (have in the past) do a white detail test print.
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  3. bendansie
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    Thanks, that helps. Just needed to run some basic questions past people just in case they weren't basic answers.
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