Silver pendant on macrame bracelets/anklets

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Which photos look best?

  1. A - Original (slight touch up)

  2. B - Redder Vintage

  3. C - Bluer Vintage

  4. D - Soft Vintage

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  1. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    Hello everyone! Lovely weather we're having here in Cardiff! :D

    I've been adding some hemp and wooden beads to my silver pendants so I can wear them around this summer and show them off to friends and others.

    I wanted to post some photos of the pendants in the macramed bracelets/anklets, as a "serving suggestion" on each model page to show how they can be adapted fairly cheaply for summer (the number of wooden beads and length of hemp cord used cost me less than £1.60 altogether, thats about $2-$3). I'm also thinking about writing up a tutorial so others can make this same style.

    But anyway, on to the matter at hand! I played around with levels and curves and ended up with a clear original version and three different vintage looking versions of two different pendants. Which style do you think would be best for me to use on the model pages?

    (and for featuring elsewhere... hint hint! Haha :p )

    Black cord has Square Eight Petal Floating pendant:
    White cord has Square Eight Petal Supported pendant:

  2. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    Awesome, thanks for voting! Very helpful.

    I'm going with style A - Original (Slight touch up), but still have the curves/levels written down for the rest just incase :)
  3. DarioScapittaDesign
    DarioScapittaDesign New Member
    Nice combination! Lovely! Just in time for summer time!! ;)