Silver Master Sword Kilt Pin

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  1. mingles
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    A LEGO scaled version of the Master Sword, a blade featured in The Legend Of Zelda.

    This design is based upon the Wind Waker version of the Sword hence why it is larger in the hands of a LEGO Minifigure.

    The model is in polished sterling silver. I had a pin added to the sword so I could use it as a Kilt pin. The Kilt used in the background is the Inglis Tartan, my family tartan.

    The first two pictures were taken before the pin was added!

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  2. extrudedqwerty
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    Woah! That looks epic!
  3. lensman
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    Wicked job. Could I ask where you got the pin fittings from?

  4. ana_xyz
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    The juxtaposition of sterling silver with Lego plastic is really something. :)

  5. mingles
    mingles New Member
    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks! The silver pin fittings were attached by a jeweller, though I may solder them on myself in the future if I find the suitable components online.

  6. TomBusscher
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  7. Ray716
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    Fantastic! Even Geektastic! :D