*sigh* ANOTHER Successful Model Rejected

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by PeregrineStudios, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I'm getting really damned sick of this.

    Below we have a successfully printed model in Stainless Steel:


    From the reference, you can tell it is TINY. Size 1, for those of you who know ring sizes.

    So can somebody please explain to me why both sizes 7 and 13 were rejected because they didn't meet minimum wall thickness? This model is obviously able to be printed successfully. And again, I need to stress this, the smallest possible size printed without any issue, but now the larger sizes are being rejected because of the thickness of the walls?

    I've already contacted the Support Team about this and told them I'm not ordering any more products until they print the damned rings. But I'm still concerned; what if a customer orders one and it gets rejected? It looks extremely bad for me if that happens, and given the hugely inconstant nature of Shapeways' rejections, there's no guarantee that this won't happen every damned time somebody orders them.
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    Here's the image they sent me, if curious:

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    Lastly, let me say that despite my frustration I know what Shapeways does isn't easy or intuitive. But I shouldn't have to deal, and frankly, won't deal, with never knowing if one of my models is going to be rejected because the sleepy-eyed intern rejecting it isn't the same sleepy-eyed intern who accepted it the previous week.