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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by gharryh, May 19, 2010.

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    I've had that happen a couple times on me too. I've normally found some other issue with the model, and evenuallly it went away, and I was able to see the item in the 3D viewer correctly. My guess is something might be wrong with the model. Looking at the render, I see some polygons that look strange, possibly inverted or bad normals. Mainly on the very front surface, I see a triangle that seems to be shading incorreclty to my eye. If you want to post the model, I'm sure several of us can help check it out. Post a .stl if possible.
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    Here's a zip file with tree files, a st, wrl and dea version.
    In AccuTrans3D i don't see anything wrong.

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  4. virtox
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    I checked the vrml, according to meshlab all normals are inside out.
    So flipped those, try it now ?



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  5. gharryh
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    That works now. But my MiniMagic reports still 700+ errors but ShapeWays accepts the design.

    Next thing to try is to reverse the normals in Microstation before exporting to VRML.
  6. virtox
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    Meshmedic probably fixed the errors.

    If you can't figure the normals thing outin your software, you can use Meshlab for this :
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    If i change all the outward facing normals to inward then i get the error:
    Unfortunately, we were not able to process and thus print your model. The error message received is the following "Only manifold objects can be printed".

    Further there is no change on the model.

    How do i change normals using MeshLab?

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  8. artur83
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    if ALL faces have their normals inverted, the error message in the email should say "windingcheck error".

    Non-manifold usually means that there's no thickness, it's not a closed solid.

    Not sure what the problem is, you can always send it to support.
  9. gharryh
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    Hi Stijn,

    How do you flip the normals in MeshLab.
    I tryed to do so with that program but it dint work.

    However the version treathed with meshlab is printable and the not threathed one not.

    And the uploade version still cant be seen in 3D.
    Attached is the version from Meshlab as dea

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  10. virtox
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    The first model had all normals flipped and several errors.
    By reversing all normals, at least it looks ok in meshlab, and meshmedic (shapeways upload fix thingy) is then apparently able to fix it.

    I used meshlab 1.2.3b,l loaded the file, and then : menu filters -> normals,curvature.... -> Invert faces orientation, I think I used the original STL.
    (guidline in meshlab : the real dark faces are usually inside out, the whiter ones are ok.)

    The last wrl file is partly dark partly white, indicating mixed normals.
    There is plenty other options, also a re-orient all faces coherently.
    But I'm not sure how you got the model partly inside out like the last example ?

    As Artur suggest, better contact support, because don't know why the 3d-view still refuses.