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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by HLW, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. HLW
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    Twice I have spent over an hour choosing items to order, left all the items in my shopping cart for a few days while trying to cut down the amount of stuff (there are so many wonderful things people have designed! I want them all!).

    Both times when I went back to place the order my shopping cart was empty.

    Does it empty after a certain amount of time? I don't want to waste any more time finding all the items I want again (I can't remember all the names) if I'm never going to be able to order due to the shopping cart emptying itself.
  2. howardatPI
    howardatPI New Member
    I have noticed the same thing occuring.

    I often update my models with newer versions before ordering, so the auto-emptying cart was a nice feature. The main reason I would put them in the cart was to get pricing for non-default materials, but that is no longer necessary with the new interface.

    Another reason I would put items in the basket and later not want them later is that the part models get updated with small tweaks before becoming ready to order. But now it appears that one can update an item with new data rather than creating a new item, so that reason also goes away.
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  3. virtox
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    I am not sure how persistent the cart is.

    But they have just implemented the Wishlist and new Favorites here:

    Perhaps this is useful?

  4. bartv
    bartv New Member
    I've forwarded this thread to our developers.

  5. HLW
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    Yes the wishlist is exactly what I wanted, or at least it would be if it worked. I've managed to add quite a few things to the wishlist, but some things (eg tml?gid=mg ) don't get added to the wishlist no matter how many times I try to add them.

    I can't add _within_.html?gid=sg43177 to the wishlist either.
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  6. ZoeBrain
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    Thank you.

    Because of the shipping charges, I accumulate infividual orders, then get them all sent at once.

    It's vexing to go through 4 shops, cross-referencing e-mails to make sure all 38 different models are ordered... then find that the cart is empty next time I try to add one, just before finalising.