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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by woody64, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Some processes do need a bit of improvement to make my life as shop owner easier:

    - Copy markup to all materials from the item dialog
    (currently I have to go to the Product Inventory Management, which is very time consuming)
    - Link to Shop Edit in the Menue (My designs)
    - Link to "Product Inventory Management" from (My designs)
    - Download Orders also from top Level
    (all 3 links may also be placed on the right side of the "My designs" entry page)

    Last not least, also for the buyers.
    - Material "change" in "shop card" menu outside of one item and checkbox for all items, so that material can be changed in one step.
    - No switch to "shopping card" when ordering from main side via the small icon. The task is to order multiple items and should not be interrupted by going to another side.

    Maybe there are some other points I've missed (let's see if some other shop owners add some things in the replies)

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  2. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Thanks for opening this topic.

    For the markup, personnally, if two materials have the same price, I will always apply the same markup.
    So perhaps it is not necessary to distinguish Red Strong and Flexible from Ingo and Dark Grey Strong and Flexible or Antique Bronze Glossy from Antique Bronze Matt or Full Color Sandston from Sandstone (as far as markup is concerned).

    BTW, I do not see the point having the price of Black Detail being different of one cent from White Detail: it just make the markup difficult to adjust without being a difference strong enough to be an incentive for choosing the cheaper material.

    On the Product Inventory Management, we need to have an arrow that moves an item at the first position and another that moves it a the last position (as in the old Inventory Management).

    The "To all" should be available for any material and apply to all the material on its right (propagation to the right).

    I want to adjust the reail price in $ excl VAT even thoug I am in Europe. Currently i can only adjust the reail price in $ including VAT (I don't even know if there is any customer who pays in $ and also pays the VAT).

    There is a error message appearing twice each time I load the page saying that the script are blocking my PC and proposing to stop it (in French here):
    Nobody else have this?

    And that's all for now :)
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  3. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi guys,

    great suggestions - keep 'em coming! I've pointed our web devs towards this thread.

  4. horst
    horst New Member
    Thanks for this great input, folks. We have an update to the organization of this part of our site coming out later this week, and it will address some of the issues you raise (but others will have to wait a bit longer).

    I'm really excited about your suggestions though, and want to push more of them through our process as soon as I can schedule it. Until then, look for this week's changes and please keep sharing your feedback.

  5. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Thanks Bart and Ben.
    Another impotant point that has already been mentionned before: most of us always adjust the markup so that the final prince is nearly round ($9.99, 14.98 etc.). We would save a lot of time is we could adjust the final price instead of the markup (the markup would be calculate as a difference betweeen final price and Shapeways price).
  6. jeff
    jeff New Member
    woody64 & magic are the pro users and I stand by all their requests. Thanks for putting this list together guys!
  7. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Great, frosted detail is available.
    I've immedeatly ordered a test print.

    Unfortunately the ordering costs me once more nearly half (!!!!!!) an hour.
    In my business that's called prio 1 error of the system, since it hinders the business process of buying.

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  8. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Since it was mentioned in another thread and bart pointed the developers here:

    Setting a default material for a mdoel would be great:
    - so that the price for this material is shown as default
    - and that a order has already this material as default

    And voila, the buying process would be oncemore easier, quicker and more understandable for customers not dealing with materials.

  9. horst
    horst New Member
    "Setting a default material for a model"

    I am planning to address this feature request very soon, as in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for the input (to you and the others who have asked for this too).