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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Magic, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Shop categories are great to navigate in the shops, but it is perhaps time to improve them a little bit.
    On my side, I see 4 possible improvements, so here are my suggestions:

    1) be able to rename a shop category. Currently you have to erase it, recreate one and re-categorize your objects (well, it is more handy the create a new one, re-categorize the models filtered by the old category and then erase the ald category).

    2) I would like to be able to order the shop categories. Currently it is impossible to re-order the categories: the latest one is the last one. So if you want the category that you just created to be first one that's "easy": just erase all the others, create the new one and recreate all the previous ones.

    Note that this is two point also apply to the pictures in the model description: currently there is no way to rename them or to change the order.

    3) I would like to create sub-categories. Example in the "Dice" category, I would like to have the "Unsual Numbering" sub-category.

    4) When I select one category, instead of seeing on the right column all the categories wherever I am in my shop, I would like to see only the categories that apply to my current selection (would work well for the sub-categories, but not only). If you want to select a new category that does not apply to the current category, just use the back option. Ex: I am navigating the Dice category, there is no point showing me the Ceramic category on the right, I want only to see the other categories my dice belong to (ex: sub-categories like "Unusual Numbering" but also other categories like "New" etc.). If I want to see "Ceramics" models, I would have to go back to the shop main page. This is even more powerful than sub-categories (and probably easier to implement). Because you can navigate in different ways: for instance "Train Shop > 1/144 scale > Bridges" or "Train Shop > Bridges > 1/144 scale"

    Thanks for your attention.

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  2. virtox
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    +1 for all points

    And might I be so bold as to repeat add a request for a "rich description" per shop section.

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  4. Magic
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    @Virtox: rich descriptions for shop section are now (somehow) available. Check this thread.