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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by dadrummond, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. dadrummond
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    When I click on the "shop categories" links in my shop (say, "Art" or "Sculpture"), the link takes me to the Gallery page. This cannot be the intended behavior; I was expecting to see a list of the items in my shop corresponding to the selected category. I get the same behavior in other people's shops. Something is wrong.
  2. pp
    pp New Member
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    This is not how it should work.

    We will follow up on this

    Peter Paul

  3. eriks
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    There seems to be a little mixup.

    shop categories denote in which category the shop falls.

    Next to that you have shop sections in which you can sub classify your models for easier browsing for potential customers.

    You can create these shop sections by going to the shop edit page and adding them, the place to do that is right above shop categories.

    You can then add models to these sections by going to their model details page and using the "Shop Sections:" element to add it to the sections you've created.

    I will certainly admit that the difference between shop sections and shop categories can be confusing, This is something we should communicate better, a big point on our to-do list for sure.
  4. stannum
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    Call them shop categories and product categories, for example.
  5. dadrummond
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    Just remove shop categories. They do not help in finding items. There are far too many shops, and too many items. E.g., as of today, there are 99 stores that are "Art" stores. How does this help me find what I want? It's like the Yellow Pages approach -- for non-US folks, an old paper phone directory. Search has completely superseded the categories approach. Just give us better search.
  6. Bathsheba
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    Dittoes to removing shop categories! People don't shop by "shop", they shop by item.