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  1. Laloop2000
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    Dear All,

    I want to get a shoe heel made to my design, although it is a prototype I want it to be strong enough to wear. I can add a sole on it the rough measurements are 25cm x 10 cm x 15cm. I want to work on it slightly with my dremmel when I have finished. Possibly paint it, ( spray) which material would you recommend.

  2. WiKKiDWidgets
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    White Strong and Flexible would be my vote for you. I make add on parts for RC vehicles and one of my "Test" pieces is on my RC off road truck. Let me tell you, that is some TOUGH STUFF!

    I have rolled my RC Truck several dozen times on Asphalt (45mph!) and although the material gets pretty scuffed and scratched being grinded against Dirt, Rocks, and Asphalt, it holds up to some brutal beating.

    I would point out though the WSF is very porous and prone to staining. Even casual handling will darken the surface after a while. So don't walk through the mud!

    Another Forum post has some groovy info on coloring WSF as well located here: p;am p;start=0&S=58b261457862d219e15e164aad2dca39
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  3. Laloop2000
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    Thanks. I am glad it is tuff stuff!

    Can you spray it?
  4. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Spray it with what? Paint? If so, yes.
  5. Art4med
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    One thought on shoe heels-- even the toughest shoe heel I have disassembled has a steel tube for safety's sake. You might consider that in the 3D model, so as to avoid drilling....
    Would be unfortunate if you were to fall from an artistic oversight!
  6. WiKKiDWidgets
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    I haven't wore heals since... >thinks< well, I'm 42 now, so not for 42 years that I am sure of.