Shipping to someone else - any news?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by alienology, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. alienology
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    Retail shop in Japan wants to carry some of my designs... so I was thinking maybe I can directly send items from Shapeways to Japan.

    I would pay for myself - it then it would go to Japan directly from Shapeways. (because of all wholesale / retail pricing work that needs to happen now)

    I looked thru forums and I found this post: mp;start=0&

    So I see there was (or still is) a problem because of Dutch VAT laws to do such shipping to other address, unless I am registered company in the Netherlands. Is this still the case?
    Now that Shapeways is HQ in the USA... does this change things? (I am also in USA, Los Angeles). Any news there?
    Or... any workarounds :) ?
  2. kontor_apart
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    Have not (yet) tried it myself, but this should work:

    Register a second account and pretend to be in Japan. Order your own stuff and set the shipping address to be your customer's. The shapeways system will not be able to recognize that you are using the same Paypal account (the only connection).

    Watch out and check whether the Shapeways delivery note says anything about prices. If so, you would need to play with the beloved markup to set the price right for your customer.
  3. alienology
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    Hmmm... interesting idea... I would like to hear any official feedback from Shapeways on this in general (and on your idea - it might work).
    But this brings me to another problem I see:
    When ordering to myself (and I do that regularly to give items to retail stores locally here), Shapeways always places the packing slip on the box... these papers show real making prices (in case I order them myself - so, no markup added)

    I am not sure what happens when someone else buys my stuff thru Shapeways site. I presume only final sale price is shown.

    But in case of your idea... if I "pretend" I am in Japan... real making price will be there in the packing slip. Not good.

    There should be choice of a) making price, b) price it sells on Shapeways... but also c) wholesale price for retailers.
    I think there will be people on Shapeways who, like myself, are dealing with retail shops so option to choose what is displayed as price for a piece would be quite important.

  4. bitstoatoms
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  5. kontor_apart
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    Not really. Your second account IS 'somebody else' and will see the marked-up price. You will be paying markup to yourself.

    BTW: It would be really stupid if any 'law' would prohibit that kind of business operation. I would believe Shapeways' accounting system is just not prepared to handle that situation.
  6. alienology
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    Ahh... yes, you are right - making price would not be visible.

    I somehow completley missed "hidden" option blog post.

    Very useful!!!

    Thanks a lot for all the feedback (and thanks for your e-mail Duann)