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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by woody64, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Is shipping to Russia still a problem as mentioned in the FAQ.
  2. maartje
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  3. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Does that mean that orders above a certain limit are not delivered or nothing at all is delivered?

  4. robert
    robert Member
    UPS is only shipping documents to consumers in Russia. Nothing else.

    - Robert
  5. sasa_tg
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    Erm...folks, but UPS is probably the worst choice of carrier. That they still stuck to this decission proves it - while UPS is stalling, DHL (not the courrier, but Deutche Post branch) and FedEx for example are shipping everything despite new customs regulations, even Colissimo in France is doing fine.

    By the way, since may 2010 a new changes of customs regulation werte introduced in Russia, making it possible to send orders by mail up to USD 700 without custom duties. This, however, does not affect courrier services like UPS, since they are not officially post servces.

    Any chance of other shipping option to Russia? First-class post, registered, provides tracking options and delivery/pickup confirmation. EMS also will be fine.

    Really, folks, taking into consideration all complains about UPS adding regular post service (with appropriate disclaimer) may be a good idea.
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  6. 63031_deleted
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    Confirm, EMS and FedEx normally ships goods into Russia. Can you change shipping method from UPS to EMS or FedEx ?
    I'm also can't make the order into Russia.

  7. 37366_deleted
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    Just reminding about myself too. I did not disappear and will order as soon as shipping problems are resolved.
  8. 63031_deleted
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  9. 37366_deleted
    37366_deleted Member
    aospan, thank you! Definitely will have to consider their services if I'm still without choice.
  10. 97875_deleted
    97875_deleted Member
    Any news about shipping to Russia?
  11. 37366_deleted
    37366_deleted Member
    Yeah, any news?
  12. 37366_deleted
    37366_deleted Member
    Well thanks guys, you're very helpful indeed.
  13. duann
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    Hey svofski,

    I think we are shipping to Russia again, I will double check and get back to you ASAP.
  14. 37366_deleted
    37366_deleted Member
    This is really great news then!
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  15. duann
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    Sorry svofski

    It seems we still cannot ship to Russia,
    Our shipments kept getting rejected by customs, we will follow up to see if there is any change and infrom you ASAP.

    My apologies for raising your hopes.

    Kind regards
  16. 37366_deleted
    37366_deleted Member
    I don't understand this.

    Thanks for your effort anyway.
  17. 97875_deleted
    97875_deleted Member
    It is very very strange because your competitor ships to Russia using UPS...
  18. Shulyaka
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    I have printed a part with i.materialize and they have shipped it successfully via UPS.

    The tracking number is 1Z8079W40453158258 - you can check it yourself at
    No delays at customs at all.

    I talked to the courier and he didn't hear about the problem with delivering from worldwide at all!
  19. intual
    intual Member
    It's really interesting if any changes happens in shipping to Russia. Does anybody have news about this?
  20. ankor
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    Добрый день!
    Я написал письмо в UPS с вопросом об ограничении доставки в Россию.
    Они ответили: