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    Hi folks, I have placed various orders with you then sat back and watched the articles wend their way from New York to Sydney, Australia, all the time itching with excitement to get (what are usually test) products (that then need refinement before I upload a new model & play the waiting game all over again).

    It can be frustrating, but was especially so recently when an article bound for Sydney arrived in Sydney .. to next appear in Dubai! I took issue at this and posted the graphic of the tracking on Twitter. USPS engaged me in direct communication, and the best they could offer was WTE 'yeah well when it leaves the states, it's taken up by the local post offices'. I was not impressed with their answer.

    Now in discussions, USPS suggested that I should use 'Global Express or Global Priority Express'. After almost fainting at the $62 price tag for Global Express quoted in Fast International Shipping - Global Express Services - USPS I fear even finding the price of the price of the GPE postage. But I am wondering:
    • Do you offer Global Express?
    • If so, at what (minimum) price (so far all my models have been small & fit within the minimum postage rate)?
    On a wider note, is there any chance you'll be setting up a printing site in Sydney or Melbourne in the near future? I do like the nature of your web interface & the quality of your prints, but the delay in arrival has caused me to place some recent orders with Sydney based 3D print services.
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    Unless the "Shipping Info" document is outdated, you should already have a choice of USPS FirstClass and UPS WorldWide, both flat rate with the latter at $26. Unless you find any horror stories about additional fees or even more creative misroutings, this would appear to be a faster solution than waiting for to appear.
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    @andrewthommo thanks for reaching out!

    At this time, we don't offer the Global Express option for shipping via USPS unfortunately. However, we do offer UPS shipping to Australia and while this could cost more in customs fees, it is much faster and easier to track since one company is handling the package from start to finish.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about this. Feel free to send me a direct message if you prefer.
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    Thanks for the reply, Jimmy!
    Huh.. I've never had to pay 'customs fees' before.

    Do you know when that might apply? Is it only for commercial transactions? If not, can you give me rough ideas on when it might apply? (E.G. Over a certain $ / weight limit..)
    Not sure any of this needs to be DM, but out of curiosity, how do I do that?

    Never mind, I think I worked it out. Click the link to your ID, then the 'CONTACT' link?
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    Hi @andrewthommo

    Thanks for the follow up!

    There would be a brokerage fee if UPS ships/delivers your package and possible additional fees based on the total cost of the package (depending on local customs regulations in your area).

    UPS AU has some fees noted here:

    You would not be charged all of these, but I couldn't tell you for sure what the total cost would be. You could contact UPS to see if they could provide more specifics on this.

    You can send any user a direct message by using that Contact Link (Send Message) or by clicking the envelope icon at the top right of every Shapeways page and typing in my username as the send to user.

    Let me know if you have more questions!
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    Thanks. You've given me a good start to finding out the info. I need (I'll check the UPS page & bounce further questions off them), so unless I think of anything else to ask & get back to you, consider this matter answered. :)
  7. jimmyadvice
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    @andrewthommo I'm glad I could help! Please do follow up if you have any other questions about this.
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    Yeh, then you just need to do that final small change...

    I get some things from the US (from other suppliers) quicker than the Shapeways UPS, and cheaper. A faster, realistically priced option would be good. UPS is usually ~2 day quicker than USPS.
    I'm wondering if a smaller box size would make a difference. Many of my things take up a fraction of the smallest box I get from SW (~210x165x110), I've never ordered just a small thing like a ring, but I get the impression, such would arrive in that same box.
    Mine was Holoulu -> Sydney -> Japan -> Sydney...
    Hey Canberra would be much better.
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  9. jimmyadvice
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    @MichaelAtOz thanks for the feedback! I don't believe we are opening up any facilities in Australia at the moment, but we always like hearing about our shipping options and what we can do to improve. I believe we are looking into expanding our shipping options and sites in the future, but I couldn't give a specific date at this time.