Shipping time, delivery method, customs, etc for United States

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by vtjballeng, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. vtjballeng
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    I ordered a few parts last night and based on the quality of the parts may order them in much larger numbers in the near future but I have a few questions relating to shipment and customs coming to the US:
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    [*] What shipping service is used? Standard Postal service (delivered by USPS here), UPS, DHL, FedEx?
    [*] What harmonized code is used and what duties should we expect as a percentage of the listed value?
    [*] What shipping method is used or how is the delivery time determined?
    [*] Is any tracking information made available once shipped?


  2. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder

    to answer your questions in order

    1) We currently use Standard Postal service, but are switching to UPS next week, with 2 day service to the US. Which cuts a few days from the order to delivery. To be sure we still commit to 10 working days, but it could be faster :)

    2) Have to get back to you on that one

    3) Our service will be Express Saver from UPS. Order to delivery, is as promised 10 working days.

    4) When we have UPS implemented we will start making that available, please check back with us in a week or so, we will announce it! Also check out our blog at for updates.
  3. bvicarious
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    Will there be package tracking sent to customers via email when you switch to UPS?

    The first thing I had shipped from shapeways had a tracking number on the package when I received it, and it took 2 days for it to get to NJ from the Netherlands. The second thing I had printed was shipped 6 days ago and hasn't made it here yet.
  4. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    Yes, we intend to have package tracking when we switch to UPS.
    First we start shipping with them, then we will add more and more features. Hopefully the tracking is not needed and the package is there before you even know it ;)