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  1. Are there any options other than shipping via UPS?

    I ask because UPS has a nasty tendency to charge extra fees, ie a $30 brokerage fee for a $19 item, and I'd rather avoid this if at all possible. Specifically, is there any possibility of getting an order shipped via FedEx, or the postal service instead?
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    At this very moment we ship via regular mail.

    We are currently negotiating with one of the express mail providers to partner with them.

    Once the negotiations are done we will ship with that company.

    We don't really have the room to per shipment decide on who it will go with.

    I have never heard of this "brokerage fee."

    When did you encounter this previously?

  3. UPS charges a 'brokerage' fee for performing customs clearance for packages being shipped to Canada, details are available on the UPS website: _clearance.html

    I've encountered this when purchasing goods from the United States from vendors that ship via UPS standard. Accordingly, whenever possible, I request that they ship via a different carrier that does not charge such fees, such as the United States Postal Service (which then hands off to CanadaPost), or FedEx.

    I've never received a shipment via UPS from overseas, whenever I've bought from the United Kingdom, the vendor has always chosen to use the Royal Mail.

    Another informative webpage regarding this issue is: which provides a good overview of the situation from the perspective of shipping from the US to Canada, but is equally (with the exception of NAFTA) valid for shipments from other origins.
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