Shells=Non-manifold error?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Designmodeller1, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Designmodeller1
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    I'm working on a project and it's giving me a headache, I've checked it in Netfab, Meshlab and Blender and they ALL say Manifolds are good, but when I upload it Shapeways says"non-Manifold error, what program does Shapeways have that throws this error?

    The only thing that remains is the fact that some of the parts have more than one shell but I have uploaded parts with shells before with no problems.

  2. dadrummond
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    If you're comfortable sharing the model, I'd be happy to take a look. PM me.
  3. crsdfr
    crsdfr New Member
    Specifically look for overlapping triangles. Thats usually the culprit.

    I know I had a hell of a time trying to eliminate them from some models I've come accross.

    Annoyingly overlapping triangles don't actually worry the equipments software, but I think the check is necessary for uploading because of how it could skew the quoting equation.
  4. GHP
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    Shapeways also doesn't like duplicate vertices, including cases where two separate shells have a vertex in the same place.
  5. pete
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    Shapeways allows multiple shells. It could indeed be duplicate vertices.

    We are very close to upgrade our tools, thereby becoming much less pedantic.
    Please hang in there we are almost done....

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  6. Designmodeller1
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    Thanks for the help guys, I finally narrowed it down to a few floating artifact triangles (really sharp) that were in the inside of the part. I have uploaded the completed model to Shapeways now with no problems :)