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  1. virginia_gordon
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    Hello All!

    This year we are creating the Holiday Collections and would like to add your designs. The collections will live at the top of their respective sections of the marketplace. Please share your newest products to be included in this year's holiday collections.

    Just a few requirements, please make sure to have your variants up to date (where it's necessary, rings and such) and images of the printed products. In your response, please say which category your product falls under.

    Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

    Virginia, Victoria, & Andrew
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  3. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    Hi Virginia, Victoria and Andrew!

    In a fevered 4 AM fit of creativity, I made these Moravian Star earrings: I don't know how well-known they are in the USA, but in Europe they are almost a necessity at Christmas time and symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. The real Moravian stars are paper lamps that are assembled and lighted on the first Advent Sunday and they stay up until after Three Kings Day on January 6. My earring design was printed in rose gold-plated brass. adventsstern earrings 3_43.jpg Moravian stern mdr.jpg adventsstern earrings modeled 2_43.jpg
  4. Elemantis
    Elemantis Member
    Hello Virginia, Victoria, & Andrew,

    I've just opened a new store and added this Mistletoe Reindeer Pendant for the Christmas season,
    printed in rhodium-plated brass:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    p.s. Love the Moravian star earrings Ontogenie .
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  5. UtorCase
    UtorCase Well-Known Member
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  6. GothamSmith
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  7. fx
    fx Well-Known Member
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  8. Hi Virginia, Victoria and Andrew,

    I’m submitting my latest science themed Jewelry, the Wormhole Ring for your Holiday Collection consideration.

    Bling for the Science Fashionista or a Galactic Gift for your Astronomer.

    Available in Ring Sizes 5 - 12

    Category: Jewelry, Ring
    Themes: Science, Space, Nerd Gifts

    A Lorentzian Traversable Wormhole is a theoretical corridor that acts as a shortcut within space-time. Einstein’s theory of general relativity allows for this unusual mathematical solution. A Lorentzian Traversable Wormhole is a theoretical corridor that acts as a shortcut within space-time. Einstein’s theory of general relativity allows for this unusual mathematical solution. The wormhole can be visualized as a “throat” or tubular shortcut through a geometry (defined here as a lattice) representing folded space-time. More info on my product page.



    Polygonal Encyclopedia

  9. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    This reindeer is really beautiful! And I like the way you listed recommended materials and successful materials in your listing.
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  10. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    I'm enchanted by your Prenup ring. I've never been a big gem fan, and this whimsical take on the real thing is very appealing! I hope you sell a lot of them.
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  11. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
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  12. seriaforma
    seriaforma Well-Known Member
  13. Elemantis
    Elemantis Member
    Thank you, Ontogenie ;)

    I've also just added these Varada Mudra earrings which make a lovely gift, they also resonate with the Christmas season as the Mudra they portray represents charity and blessings.

    Printed in Raw Brass:
    435v234542354.jpg 43252453454.jpg
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  14. gordonlardi
    gordonlardi Well-Known Member
  15. tinyrightbrain
    tinyrightbrain Well-Known Member
    Hi --
    Please consider the following for the Christmas catalog:

    This 3d rendition of a treble clef in precious metals is great for music lovers:

    There's a steel version of it that is a bit bigger and less expensive:

    This twisted torus pendant has been selling well for me when I do in-person sales. It's vaguely mathematical.

    This is a smaller version of the torus that is only available in cast metals. It's more delicate in appearance.

    This textured bead pendant is very easy to wear, and it sort of resembles a snowball
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  16. PTElephant
    PTElephant Active Member
    I would like to add my Celtic knotted animals to the list! I have several and some reindeer that are currently printing, so I only have renders of those. I hope that's okay. I'll get photos up as soon as they get here.
    Anyway, here they are!

    Celtic Knotted Bear Pendant/Ornament
    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] IMG_2819.jpg
    Celtic Knotted Unicorn Pendant -
    Celtic Knotted Reindeer Head Pendant/Ornament -
    Celtic Knotted Reindeer Pendant/Ornament -
    Celtic Knotted Snow Leopard Pendant -
    Celtic Knotted Barn Owl Head Pendant -
  17. AlessandroAzzolini
    AlessandroAzzolini Active Member
    For this holiday season I would like to propose some rings (all with variants!) from my shop, that are:

    Climax Ring (category Jewelry --> Rings)
    which i think is very elegant, fresh and appealing.​

    Mobius Hoop Ring (category Art --> Mathematical Art / Jewelry --> Rings)
    which is technically a jewelery piece but also falls under the math art category since it is actually a real möbius strip.​

    Fidget Ring - spinningRING (category Jewelry --> Rings)
    which has lately been one of the best sellers of my shop.​

    Bugnato Ring (category Jewelry --> Rings)
    a statement ring inspired by italian architecture.​

    Heartbeat Ring (category Jewelry --> Rings)
    old but (literally) gold.​

    Thanks and happy holidays everyone!
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  18. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    These are fantastic, Cynthia! I love them all.
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  19. chanusa
    chanusa Member
    Hi everyone,
    Here are four new products that have turned out really nicely. I finally was able to take and upload pictures, hopefully for inclusion in the holiday catalog under jewelry:

    Dangling Cubes Earrings

    Interlocking Octahedron Necklace

    Cobweb Pendant

    Cobweb Earrings

    Happy holidays to all!
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