Shapies In Singapore? :)

Discussion in 'Shapeways Members In Your Area' started by FunbieStudios, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to put a shoutout to see if there are any Shapies in Singapore hanging out here on the forums? We're planning to do a meetup soon just for you folks and would love to hear what kind of stuff you have been up to so we can better curate the sharing and all =)
  2. Sensaiku
    Sensaiku Well-Known Member
    I might not live in Singapore, but I live close enough. Iam from Malaysia. :D
  3. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
    Hi Sensaiku,

    Oh yes, it's cool that you're just north of us =)

    Great stuff you have with the miniature furnitures too! Are they for interior designing models at that 1:24 scale? :)
  4. Sensaiku
    Sensaiku Well-Known Member
    Yes they are. I am mainly making miniature chairs but once a while, I got different kind of request, so this store is quite pack with random things as well. There are not that many people that does 3d printing design in Singapore does it? It also quite rare to see designer in SEA area especially in 3d printing
  5. Sensaiku
    Sensaiku Well-Known Member
    Also, I did not receive notification with this thread. I assume the we will not get notification by default?
  6. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
    Actually we use 3d printing for a lot of different stuff ranging from prototyping, art works, functional pieces to prop making and hobby pieces. We use our own machines mainly and push designs to Shapeways for higher resolution prints or when we need other material types. :) There are quite a few of us 3d printing enthusiasts in Singapore, just that its not always the end step for production lies in a Shapeways print.

    Some random ideas of the stuff we work on (even those beyond 3d printing) can be seen from our Facebook.

    On a side note - the notifications for topic should be on by default (it is for us). Else there should be a "watch thread" button you can click at the top right of this board? :)
  7. fvauz
    fvauz New Member
    Hi guys, just got info from Ruud (Shapeways European Community Manager) that you guys are meeting up soon? Will you be joining the Singapore Maker Faire too?

    I am also from Malaysia :D
  8. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
    Hi fvauz! Yes we have a meetup coming up next Sat (13 May) and will also be at Singapore Maker Faire! Are you getting a booth there too? If so, maybe we can arrange so it's around the same area. We are a community organizer for the Faire with 15 tables total, one of which will be dedicated to Shapeways stuff.

    Do drop me a line at and maybe we can discuss further? Always cool to meet more Shapies and share ideas! :)
  9. mmarcella
    mmarcella New Member
    Hi, Ruud informed me as well.
    Nice to know there is a 3D printing meetup in Singapore. It's more than 2 years I print jewelry with Shapeways from Singapore. I've seen your FB event... will keep in touch.
  10. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
  11. fvauz
    fvauz New Member
    I have emailed you directly. Speak soon!
  12. mmarcella
    mmarcella New Member
    Yes, I have things that I could show, but can u give more info on how it is organized?
  13. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member
    Hi mmarcella,

    You mean for the meetup? It's quite informal really where we have some space in our studio to showcase various designers such as yourself and as a community share the varying designs, approaches or experiences we have.

    Do feel free to drop me a line at if you would like more details or arrange something out with us for this 13 May meetup ;)
  14. FunbieStudios
    FunbieStudios Member