Shapeways World Meetup Day: February 28

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  1. bartv
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    Hi all,

    as we're always having a blast at meetups (and we've met MANY of you there already!), we're trying to host a 'World Meetup' this year in one month from now. We'll need your help to make this happen: please read the following blog post: ways-World-Meetup-Day-on-February-28th.html

    You can find a list of planned World Meetups here:

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them here on the forum.

    Thanks, and let's get this party started!

    Bart and Natalia

    UPDATE: we are providing some helpful hints to meetup hosts every week in this forum thread:

    January 31: What is required of a Meetup host and how do I start a Shapeways Meetup?
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  2. stop4stuff
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    As already discused with Bart via email, I have a few venues that may be suitable on the outskirts of Southampton (Hampshire, England) within 5/10 minutes drive of junction 5 or 7 of the M27 (Eastleigh/Hedge End).

    Party On!


  3. bartv
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    Thanks Paul! Did you create a meetup for this yet?


  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Hi Bart,

    No, not yet. I put the post on the forum though, to see if there are any people interested.

  5. bartv
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    @Stop4stuff: it may work better if you create the meetup on the page, you can use that too to find out if people are interested. I think people are more likely to find your meetup there than here on the forum.
  6. bartv
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    Update: After less than one week, we have 44 meetups planned. Some are still small (1-2 persons), but we'll do our best to reach all local community members over the next few weeks, and fill them up. If you're interested in a nice social 3D printing event in your area, please go ahead and create a meetup as well!


  7. rubyscooby
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  8. bartv
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    HI rubyscooby,

    I'm sure they will! We're preparing additional publicity and it's great to have the meetups listed now - that makes it SO much easier for others to join!

  9. bartv
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    Wow! We already have 47 events planned for our World Meetup Day on February 28th, including events in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia! Some are still small, but now that the list is available, it'll be easier for others to join you.

    During the next four weeks we will be posting updates here on the forum. This week, we'll focus on the first preparations of your meetup. If you have any questions, please discuss them here with the other hosts.

    What is required of a Shapeways Meetup host?

    We are looking for people who enjoy meeting others and talk about design and 3D printing. As a host, you are 'in charge' of picking a venue and welcoming everyone - but you will not be alone! Through Meetup you can discuss your event with others or even co-host it.

    How do I start a Shapeways Meetup?

    1. Check our World Meetup page to see if there is already a group of people in your area. If not, create your own! (Search for your town and click on 'Start a new community in...') If you're not sure if there are other members in your area, don't worry - just by adding your meetup to the list you may be able to find each other.

    2. Select a time. Meetings in the early evening (say, 7pm-9pm) usually work best, but feel free to pick any other time.

    3. Find a location. Good spots include bars (our favorite), schools and a meeting room at work. Call to see if they can host 10-20 people (the average meetup size). Do not accept any financial obligations for space - people will pay their own drinks and snacks. Do you find it hard to pick a location? Discuss it with your meetup members or here on the forum.

    Next Steps

    Next week, we will be back with some suggestions on how to give your meetup some good publicity and on how we are going to help you with that. Stay tuned!

  10. denali3ddesign
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  11. bartv
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    Thanks Marcus!
  12. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi all,

    How are the World Meetup preparations coming along? Last week I promised you that we'd send you more information on how to promote your event. We're designing a flyer that you can use, but it takes a little longer then I thought. It should be ready early next week, so I'll be back in touch with you then!

    In the mean time, it would be great if you could all introduce yourselves on our forum. That way, we can start sharing questions and experiences there and make everybody's meetup better. Please add your message to this thread!


  13. vertigopolka
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    I'm hosting the Chicago Shapeways Meetup! Looking forward to meeting local Shapies or anyone else interested in 3D printing.
  14. rubyscooby
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Ruby and I'll be hosting the San Francisco Shapeway's meetup. I really wanted it to happen and since no one had come forward I decided to make it happen. I'm a 3D artist who's been doing this for ages. I got my start in Germany on big old SGI machines doing films, commercials., and music videos. I love Z-brush as it's finally enabled me to model. I have never been much of a poly pusher. Being able to print stuff in 3D is amazing. I have created some jewelry and hat ornaments and plan on doing shoes with a shoe designer. I can't wait to meet other people and swap stories and hear what they have made.

    The event will be located at a local bar that's easy walking distance from 24th street BART and a number of buses. It's also not on the main street so parking might actually be possible!

    I can't wait to meet everyone!

    Ruby Rieke
  15. natalia
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    Hi All,

    i'll be at the NY meetup. I'll drum up some more traffic on the main meetup page and see what other Shapeways Team members I can get to join in NY

  16. Hi Bargt,

    I'm hosting the Shapeways World Meetup in Perth Australia. It seems the Shapeways World Meetup page can't be found on the local Meetup page; I can only find it if I log onto the US site. This is making it hard to communicate and find more people to attend. I understand you have had difficulty contacting me. My email for future correspondence is

    Thanks for a great initiative and all your hard work,

  17. bartv
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    @vertigopolka, @rubyscooby, @Mikie2 - awesome, thank you so much!! I'll be publishing some suggestions on how to get more people on board shortly.

    @natalia - are you offering free drinks? I am! Let's battle and see who gets the biggest meetup! <evil grin>

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  18. bartv
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    World Meetup Flyer.png

    Hello everyone! We have a little less than two weeks left until February 28th, so it's time to start making some noise and make sure everyone in your area knows about the event! We will soon start some serious promotion, but you can help as well. Today I'll share some suggestions for promotion in your local community.

    Tech clubs

    In most big cities you will find FabLabs, TechShops, Hackerspaces etc. These people love creating things and are usually very interested in


    Are there any design schools, jewelry workshops, product design departments on universities in your area? You can try reaching out through their student associations, or look for contact information on their websites.


    Use Meetup to find related communities in your area and send them a friendly note to invite them to your meetup. I looked in the Amsterdam area and found tons of '3D printing', 'Design', 'Rapid Prototyping', 'Jewelry' communities - you name it. It only takes a few minutes and you're related to mailing three groups per day. Remember to be personal, respectful and don't spam!

    Shops, clubs etc.

    Our designers have created a flyer that you can leave on message-boards in shops, clubs etc (see the image above). Just download the PDF, write the time and location on it and leave it somewhere. Again: be respectful and ask for permission.

    What did you do?

    How did you promote your event? Did it work? Please share!

  19. Rakentaja
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    I'm attending Helsinki meetup. We have two people attending and would love to have some more shapers :)

    Place is open, but I've studied at Helsinki University of Technology and I think I can arrange us to meet somewhere at Otaniemi Campus (at Espoo) if needed.

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  20. bartv
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    Thanks Rauno!

    I see that Julian joined you as well. He worked for Shapeways Eindhoven and is eager to help out, I'm sure the two of you can make the event grow.