Shapeways Upload Is Doing Auto Reduction And Resizing

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by michaelpromeo, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. michaelpromeo
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    I'm exporting an STL file in Blender. I have unit scale 'inches', apply the scaling, and then exporting with 'scene units' applied. When I upload the STL file to get my quote on shapeways it makes the size extremely small (unless I'm misinterpreting XYZ size in inches?). Also, it's decimating the mesh which isn't what I want. Any ideas?

    Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 6.35.20 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 6.35.30 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 9.13.29 PM.png
  2. michaelpromeo
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    Update: Customer Service couldn't help. I'm convinced it's a bug bc when I export in meters and upload in meters it's correct. Issue now is the cost. They want $100 for a 4" model. Unreal. My review DON'T use shapeways.