Shapeways site update of September 2nd 2010

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  1. barrys
    barrys Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Hi all,

    Yesterday we updated our site. We released the following features and bugfixes:

    Download original uploaded file
    Product owners can now download the original uploaded file and make this download available for other users.

    Set product availability to "hidden"
    With products set to hidden, products can't be found through the galleries and search options, but other people can still buy the product by means of the direct URL of the product. An extra random security key is added to the URL and the owner can see this URL in his product details page and can share it to the one he wants to sell his product.

    Bankpayment order confirmation lightbox
    An extra confirmation lightbox is added for bankpayment orders to prevent customers mistakely choosing bankpayment while they dont want to.

    Add material info to Co-Creator info order
    In the 'my to do' list for co-creator designers the material is added, so the designer can keep in mind the design rules for certain materials (think of wall-thickness).

    Placeholder for images added to the galleries
    A placeholder for images is added to the galleries to speed up the rendering of the page.

    move "your model is being processed..." beneath thumb
    The "your model is being processed..." box when you update your model is now placed directly under the thumb of your model.

    Kind regards,