Shapeways site update of September 16th 2010

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  1. arno
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    Hi All,

    A second release in one week! This time on the regular Thursday morning time slot.

    Today's update includes the following new features:

    Share 'My Favorites'
    Users are now able to share their favorite products collection to other users. An option to turn his favorites public is added to the 'my designs' page.

    Google Analytics support for shop owners
    A shopowners can now track his/her shop using Google Analytics. You can add your Google Analytics code in the shop configuration page and from then on, your shop landing page and product pages will be monitored.

    Communicate leadtime on payment options
    In the order summary we now show the leadtime for each payment option. This to prevent confusion, as bank transfers typically take a bit longer to clear, compared to paypal.

    And the following Fixes
    [list type=disc]
    [*] On a Mac, using Chrome the image on the product detail page shrinks when clicking on the image. We updated a library so it is now combatible with the latest Chrome version.
    [*] Some pages had 'Shapeways |' gone from the title (shown as window title). We fixed that.

    Kind regards, Arno