Shapeways site update of June 9th 2010

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  1. arno
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    Hi All,

    Today we have done another update of the Shapeways site. We have the following features and bug fixes for you:

    * Less administration for shop owners
    A long requested wish of shop owners: "please reduce the number of invoices and mails Shapeways sends us". Today we have made a significant step.
    Our tax advisers have changed their point of view on the invoices we need to send you. We are now allowed to combine the markup and markup fee into one invoice. And ... to aggregate them.
    So shop owners now get a maximum of one invoice a day, with all their markup (and markup fee) of the past 24 hours listed on that one invoice. Also, if there were credit notes needed: that is also limited to one a day.
    I hope this helps to relieve your administrative burden.

    * New variables for the co-creator platform
    With the co-creator platform, shop owners offer templates that will be modified according to the wishes of the customer, resulting in your personalized model.
    The wishes are captured in variables that ask the customer the customization details.
    We have added two types of variables: dropdown lists and radio-button. Shop owners can use these variables when configuring the co-creator template.
    Also, we have updated the look-n-feel for the template configuration screen for shop owners, and raised the number of variables that can be asked.

    * New button styling
    Around has been very busy making changes to the Shapeways site. His most recent addition is an update of the buttons used on the site.

    * Changing order in shop doesn't work
    For some shops, there was a problem for the shop owner to change the default order in which the models are to be displayed. We have found the cause and solved that.

    * Number of comments included into ranking on popularity.
    The number of comments of a model is now also taken into account when determining the popularity of a model.

    Kind regards, Arno van Rossum
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  2. dadrummond
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    In case it hasn't been noticed -- I doubt it! -- the new button style has been accompanied by a lot of button bugs. For example, the "Edit my shop" button now reads "BT EDITSHOP 2", and on the Update Model page, the submit button reads "BT UPDATE2". Probably worth going through the entire site and looking for similar artifacts. I do like the look and feel! Hope this helps.
  3. joris
    joris New Member
    We will look into it!

    BT EDITSHOP 2 however does have a nice ring to it. sounds very modern.

  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    There is also one with submitting PM's. I forget what it was but it wasn't right either. I think it was Post sub or something like that.