Shapeways site update of december 23rd 2010

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  1. barrys
    barrys Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Hi all,

    we had a site update today. We released the following features/bugfixes:

    Markup and material configuration for shopowners
    A new configuration page is added to the my shop page, where shopowners can edit the available materials and markup for their models more easily. It is also possible to arrange the order for the models by clicking the arrow buttons. The old shoporder menu is also still available on the edit my shop page under show old inventory management.

    Rich editor for product description
    There is now an editor available for the product description. This editor is similiar to the one for the shopdescription. We noticed now that the newlines for old descriptions are not visible anymore, we're looking into that to change that.

    It is now possible to delete your own model comments, when for example you're not happy what you wrote or the comment doesn't apply anymore.

    A 'show all' link is added to the country selector. This will show all available countries. When you enter the some text in the search box, this list gets filtered.

    Orders with gift coupons as one of their orderlines can not be payed with a coupon code anymore. Coupon codes usually have an expiration date, so could potentially be extended forever. To prevent that, we disabled payments of gift coupon orders with coupon codes.

    When an orderline was canceled from the basket and then the order was checked out, it sometimes happened that one of the remaining orderlines was claimed to be too late for delivery. This was wrong and we fixed that.

    The advanced search for categories gave an empty category filter on the result page, while offcourse you just entered the category. We fixed that.

    Best regards,


  2. TerraCotta
    TerraCotta New Member
    I just wanted to say great work! Once the bugs get all worked out, the ability to add rich text descriptions, as well as the materials editor, are fantastic improvements. Best Christmas present I've gotten yet :)

    Jeff Coleman
    Terra Cotta Personal Fabricators
  3. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Correcting the wrong materials now was a 15 minutes task (with having found some dozends of failures not seen before)
  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    For me, using IE 8, the option to view the model in 3d stopped working when logged in and viewing my own models.

    [edit] I logged out and viewed one of my models, the 3d option worked fine, I logged back in on the same model page, and the option went away :(

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  5. barrys
    barrys Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Correct, the new description editor broke the 3d viewer popup for model owners. This will be fixed in our next release.
  6. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    It used to be that when I did a search under "Shops", and I changed the category to "Puzzle" (leaving the search box blank) and hit "Search" I would get all shops that sold puzzles. But now this no longer works, I get a blank list of shops if I search over a category with no text???

    I don't know when this stopped working, but it was very convenient.