Shapeways site update of August 30th 2010

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  1. arno
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    Hi All,

    Today we had another release which introduces a nice new feature for you. We have done a major update to the material selection

    With the growth of the number of materials, the dropdown to select in which material you'd want to order a product was not handy anymore. And, you cannot see the materials.

    Hence we have made a new material selection. It has been moved from the right column to the main screen on the product details page. We have grouped the materials to types. For each material we show a picture and an explanation. When you select a material, the model price in that material is displayed.

    We expect the new material selection to be a big improvement.

    Along the way, we also did a bugfix for the displayed prices for creator models (eg lightpoem, ringpoem). The product details page listed the price without VAT. With this fix, when you are logged in, the price including VAT is displayed.

    Kind regards, Arno van Rossum

    PS: Due to the material selection change, we are updating the price cache (we calculate the price for each model in each material). This takes some server time, so today model uploads can take longer to process, sorry for the inconvenience