Shapeways site update of August 12th 2010

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  1. arno
    arno New Member
    Hi All,

    another week passed, and another site update has been done.

    This week we have the following changes for you:

    Product search improvement
    After search for products in the gallery, filtering options for the become available that allow you to narrow down the search results.
    You can now for example filter on a price range or specific material or tag.

    Meta-tags to added shop pages and change title
    New meta tags are added to the shop pages. Also the title of the shop page is changed.
    This should make the shops better search-able/findable.

    Bugfix for "http bad request, size of request header field exceeds server limit"
    Some users got an error message "http bad request, size of request header field exceeds server limit" when they were sorting a gallery.
    We used to store the sorting options in a cookie, and due to the growth of the number of galleries, some users had their cookie become to big.
    With this release we have revised the storage of user settings like sort options. We store these now on the server so your browser doesn't have to pass them along.
    When your cookie was already to big, you'll need to remove your Shapeways cookies. Your sorting options will be reset to default, but changes you make in sorting after removal will be stored without a problem.
    If you didn't get this "http bad request" error message, you won't notice anything, we'll merge your sorting settings from the cookie to the server.

    Kind regards, Arno
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  2. arno
    arno New Member
    In my previous post, I advised for people who get the "http bad request, size of request header field exceeds server limit" error to clean their Shapeways cookies.

    Here's a howto:

    - Open your browser
    - Goto the shapeways website (if still possible)
    - Logout (if you are automatically logged in)

    Removal of Shapeways Cookie with FireFox 3.6 (windows XP)

    - Menu [Tools]
    - Pick [Options]
    - Tab [Privacy]
    - Button [show cookies]
    - Search ""
    - Select all found results
    - Button [Remove cookies]
    - button [Close]

    Removal of Shapeways Cookie with IE7 (windows XP)

    - Menu [Tools]
    - Pick [Internet options]
    - Tab [General]
    - Button [Settings] of Browsing history
    - Button [View files]
    - You get a windows explorer screen
    - Search for files with in column internet Address: "cookie:" (between cookie: and will be your windows xp username) and/or "cookie:"
    - Remove the file(s)

    Please note that after cookie removal, you might be asked for your password again at login.

    - Goto
    - Login

    If people have tips for cookie removal on other browsers/OS, feel free to add ;)

    Kind regards, Arno
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  3. MichielCornelissen
    MichielCornelissen New Member
    Hi Arno, thanks for the hard work. You mention that the title of the shop page has changed?

    I'm not sure what exactly you mean, because my product pages seem to be in the same location? Also, if the title would change, this would be a small disaster to me, as many blogs etc. link to the url of my shop pages, which I'm pretty sure produces a major part of my sales.

    If you would ever change the url of any of the products, I would strongly suggest that the old url stays in existence and connects automatically to the new page.

    But maybe I misunderstood?
  4. RalphVdB
    RalphVdB Well-Known Member CS Team
    Removal of Shapeways Cookie with Google Chrome (windows XP)

    - Menu [Tools]
    - Pick [Options]
    - Tab [Advanced]
    - Button [clear cookies]
    - Button [Remove cookies]
    - button [Close]
  5. robert
    robert New Member
    Hi Michiel,

    Only the HTML title changed of the shop page. This means that you would see a different formatted title of your browser window.

    It has no impact on the link or the actual look-and-feel of the page.