Shapeways Sets Item To "not For Sale" And Invisible Due To A Pending Review

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by woody64, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    By accident I have seen that Shapeways has set one of my items to :
    - not for sale
    - and even invisible

    due to a pending review by Shapeways service team.

    Can anybody please explain that?

    I know that you set it to "not for sale" in a certain material if it's not printable.
    I see that there's a print success of 100% on it (5 times in a material which was ordered recently and I assume was the trigger for the action).

    I even can't set the visability of the item which means there are tons of links now showing nowhere?
    => results now in: Oops, we can't find the page you're looking for.

    Sorry guys, I'm now with you since the first hours of shops even one of the first anouncements for SW was done with my shop reference. But in the last years you always set actions with maximum harm on your shop owners business.


    P.S.: even an upload of a new design doesn't change the status

    Screenshot from 2019-10-06 15-03-32.png
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  2. 8_Perf
    8_Perf Well-Known Member
    Its likely due to the fact you are using "Lego" trademarked items. Yes i know Lego didnt make the pieces, but you are using their idea and intellectual property. Lego has made it clear that this will not be tolerated any longer and is having things like this removed from a lot of sites, Thingiverse to name one. Just my guess.
  3. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    No that's not the case since items compatible with Lego@ pieces are allowed according EU and US decision.
    And Lego@ trademark statements are inside the shop and also inside the piece descriptions.
    (Patents are mainly outdated, Lego@ logo is a trademark, the brick itself not, the Lego@ minifig unfortunately is a trademark)

    II assume that's a production issue or one of the always changing design rules is checked (can't count the number of changes I already have done caused by this. Which means for more then 100 items you need to correct all pieces)
  4. 8_Perf
    8_Perf Well-Known Member
    I didn't realize you were just selling accessories and not complete mini-figs. I dont know what else to tel you, except that I know SW has been struggling to grow their business and their market share across a lot of different industries. I am all but certain they farm out a lot if not all of their printing in the U.S. to 3rd party venders and do very little in house any more. These venders, IMO, are not up to the quality standards that SW advertises and might have issues with certain materials and/ or quantities ordered. I have no proof of this, but reading these forums for that last few years and seeing all the issues people have, have prompted me to think twice before committing a job to them in favor of someone else.
    I wish it wasn't like that. I have a number of beautiful prints from them that go way back when they were just getting going.
  5. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi Woody64,

    I have sent an email to explain what is going on.
    The issue is not caused by printability issues, the model prints just fine.

    Long story short; the model has been approved and can be found in your shop again :)
    For the longer version, please see my email.

  6. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Discussed that with service team. It's not a production or design rules issue.
    More informations the service team will hopefully give after closing the topics.
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  7. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Since it's not commented by SW yet I do because it's an important topic for shop owners:

    Indeed it's a trademark topic which causes SW service to have a look on items containing some buzzwords before they are oncemore published.

    That's understandable and also we as shop owners need to respect trademarks and patents, which in my case is ok the way it's done, but still needs a check sicne it can't be done automatically.

    What needs urgently resolved by SW that the items are becoming unavailable (404 error) since that can also be handled technically by having a standard side which states that the item will be back after some checks.

    SW please take an eye on that since the current way of doing solves your issues but should not make more troubles then needed if a technical solution can at least minimize downtimes ...