Shapeways Purposefully Breaking Models?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by otaku, May 16, 2020.

  1. otaku
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    So, I received my second ever order from Shapeways today. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a piece of my order on top of the order receipt. This clued me off that something was wrong so I grabbed my camera and began taking photos.

    Once I removed those two items, it was apparent the damage done to my model was impossible to have occurred during shipping:

    As you can tell from this image, in order for the tail to have ended up flipped 180 degrees on two different planes inbetween her legs (which are unbroken) would have been an impossible accomplishment unless it occurred prior to shipping. You can also tell that the model as shown could not possibly have fit in the box without purposefully breaking it.

    The box is physically not large enough to have accomplished this feat in transit. It doesn't even appear to have been large enough to have fit the entire model without breaking it. So what's going on?
  2. SemperVaporo
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    I take it the tail was broken in 2 places?

    I have had items delivered in less that pristine condition recently, but I figured they were just fragile (my designs) and maybe they were not as gentle handling thing than I would have liked. As it turned out I was not out anything and could repair or otherwise use the items. But I do wonder if maybe they have new personnel doing the work that are not as motivated to quality as Shapeways used to be.
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    Have you raised this with customer service yet? Regardless of whether you could repair it, they need to know so they can chase their records and have stern words with the chump who packed it. They out-source a lot of production, and it can be harder to QC subcontractors than it is in-house. Of course the Covid crisis doesn't help, nor does the general shift at SW from "boutique" to large-scale business that has accelerated over the past couple years...
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  4. Lefteri
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    Hello @otaku thank you for letting us know about this. I'm sorry this arrived broken! Rest assured that we would never "purposefully break" your models.

    Please reach out to our helpdesk via with the order number, the name of the model, these photos, and your preferred resolution (reprint vs refund). We can then file a complaint and ask our production team to investigate.

    For more information about our Warranty and our Complaint process, click here.
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