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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by bmsleight, May 27, 2013.

  1. bmsleight
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    Any feedback on Order #244502. Last email was 5 day ago ?

    In summary: Parts previously printed multiple times, now rejected, then re-instated, but then another part previously printed but now rejected. I had less rejections when I was a teenager dating :)

    Emails sent to service at
    Subject: Re: Products in your Shapeways Order #244502 could not be 3D printed

  2. JoostDenissen1
    JoostDenissen1 Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Dear Brendan,

    I have just send you an email. Perhaps my email from 5 days ago has not reached you.

    Could you please respond to my email.


  3. bmsleight
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    Hi Christel, Joop,

    There appears to be lot of confusion.

    This model:-

    Had been rejected first rejected (although only the black version not the white). Then after inspection it is now ready to print and Joost replied on MAY 22, 2013 | 03:35PM CEST:-
    >We can print the model for you in black, strong and flexible.
    >Do you want me to place the order or are you able to do it.

    However my email last email sent five days ago ( MAY 22, 2013 | 10:48PM CEST ) relates to:- "Cuffelink Metal Top And Bottom"

    This was shape was rejected after your email. Although the model has been printed many times before in metal, The latest model has one shape removed in an area unrelated to the feedback on got the rejection email. In fact the lower part that got changed has been accepted for printing in that same order:-

    Hence the full part ( ) is identical to model placed in order numbers....
    * Order #208369
    * Order #195128
    * Order #160674
    * Order #146336
    (More orders are available in my order history)

    I have yet to received an answer on this model and therefore can not answer the first question, until the status of this is known,