Shapeways member says: Hi, from Venlo!

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    Shapeways member would like to introduce himself..

    Hi There!

    well, let me first introduce myself: I'm Ralph and I’m the youngest (30) male member of the Shapeways team (yeah!) :laughing:

    I started out at shapeways in April 2008. I got my bachelor of Science degree a couple of years ago, and I've been working in the IT-business for several years now.

    When I got the opportunity to work for this internet start-up, I didn't even hesitate for a second. To me this is a dream come true. I mean, come on, we're printing the future! :cool:

    So, what's my role in the Shapeways team? I am Shapeways webmaster :D
    I'm trying to make life a bit easier for all you out there, by making improvements on the website, sending out Newsletters and Surveys and basicly doing all of the testing.

    For the rest, I'm enjoying life, I'm a huge soccer fan (PSV Eindhoven) and I like spending time with my friends, and watching movies.

    Greetz, Ralph
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    Hi Ralph,

    Greetings from Steijl.

  4. RalphVdB
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    Hi AO,

    Toevallig, ik kom oorspronkelijk uit Tegelen (bij de intratuin in de buurt :cool: )
  5. RalphVdB
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