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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by christopherlowe, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    i am exploring the idea of creating an E-zine dedicated, at least in part, to the makers at SHAPEWAYS.

    i can see at as either going 2 ways- with the maker as the audience or the consumer as the audience...

    we either put articles together emphasizing technique and tools or the emphasis is turned to the final products and how to sell them.

    so what do you think?

    i figure if we can nail this down we can have a first urn by the beginning of the year.

  2. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    Sounds awesome!! :)

    I'd love to know about how some of the most prolific designers work!
  3. duann
    duann New Member
    Very cool,

    let us know how we can help?
  4. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    I like the sound of that!
    To target makers or consumers, either way seems great!
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  5. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    how about this.

    an e-zine/ magazine for makers and a pamphlet to go with it for the to advertise for customers.

    kind of a write an article get an advertisement for your product/services. how does that sound?
    i figure we can have:

    [list type=a]
    [*] 3-5 articles of software reviews
    [*] 3-5 articles of modeling techniques
    [*] 2-3 articles on shop management and advertising techniques
    [*] 3-5 shop showcases
    [*] 3-5 personality interviews
    [*] 2-3 articles for the shapeways staff.
    [*] 1 cover story
    [*] 1 editorial
    [*] 6-8 advertisements

    24 pages

    48 pages

    if anyone has any other ides let me know and we can get this ball rolling.

    what i figure is we can craft a sales pamphlet for those with shops that want to contribute an article. i am also investigating how we can have these printed. if we keep the magazine as an e-zine then we can spend the money on printing up advertising pamphlets that we can send to the individual contributors as an added bonus. this is what we can use the advertising money for.

    hopefully this is kosher to Shapeways.

    finally we need a catchy name to go with publications.

    any ideas on that?

  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Sounds like the newsletter expanded. I like.

    I like creatio (latin for creation)
  7. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    I up for the idea. Personally, I'd like to see an e-zine geared towards Makers and Buyers. There are still too many people (and will be for a long time) who just look at me like I have two heads if I talk about this new-fangled 3D printing thingy!

    And how is this e-zine to be marketed? One-off or multiple issues? Who decides what gets printed (pun!) - presumably you, Chris, as the editor?

    Available as HTML or PDF? (I prefer the latter).


  8. paulburkittgray
    paulburkittgray New Member
    A magazine sounds like a great idea. Aiming it at both makers and consumers would seem the best approach to me, I'm sure both camps would be interested in articles primarily for the other.
  9. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    What i would like is to design with an emphasis on printing... so that mean the final product would be a pdf.

    i would like to keep the maker and the consumer versions separate so a magazine/pamphlet seems like the way to go.

    my intention is to make it monthly but that is all dependent on participation. if there is enough then it should be a blast to put together.

    right now i see myself as the editor but if i fail at my duties i have no problem passing those duties off to someone else more qualified...

    i said duties...

    this is how i see it work-
    i seek out submissions by basically asking for them.
    of those submitted i chose however many i think are good enough.
    i let those people know.
    they then submit an advertisement for their shop or product.
    i put the article in the "maker's" magazine.
    i put the advertisement in the "consumers's" pamphlet.
    i use any revenue created by sell ads in the "maker's" magazine to print out the pamphlet via a printer to send to the contributors.
    but i make both of them available as pdfs if anyone else wants to print them.

    that is how i see it working. if anyone has ideas i am open to them.

  10. alienology
    alienology New Member
    great idea indeed!!!

    I hope you pull it off.... so how would you start receiving submissions? Maybe by simply sending links to objects already in the store?
    How about objects that are not public?

  11. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    so lets get this party started.

    first order of business-
    magazine NAME
    these are but a few that i brainstormed. any others suggestions will be added to the mix
    next i need an idea for the cover story/theme of the issue...

    i was thinking about inspiration as the theme but i have no idea on what to put on the cover. i could use some inspiration for this.

    next i need some articles... as we all know modeling and designing for print presents very unique challenges... i am looking for 3 design software reviews from the point of view of a shapeways designer. any type of software will do- as long as it is relevant. i am looking for 300-500 words.

    along those same lines i know that there are some very talented artist here that are highly qualified in giving advise on how to design. i need 3 tutorial articles on any software or technique that is very helpful to shapeways designers. 300-500 words and hopefully illustrated.

    also i am looking for articles on administrative stuff like website design, blog creation, advertising techniques, shop controls, and alternative shop creation(widget designs). these too need to be between 300 and 500 words.

    i would like to get a few things put together- rough draft style by 16/12/2011 so that i can shop it to advertisers- i need submissions in before COB 15/12/2011. even if you are not finished- please send me a copy so that i can make sure i have what i need to make a complete first draft.

    some suggestions on who i should lobby for advertising is also needed, but that will be more crucial after 15/12/2011.

    personal message me with the articles for submission.

    so to summarize
    [list type=square]
    [*] vote on NAME or suggest another one.
    [*] Help me brainstorm 1st issue themes.
    [*] create and submit articles by 15/12/2011
    [*] seek and recruit advertisers after 15/12/2011
    [*] 03/01/2012 e-publish
  12. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Name suggestion: AM FTW (Additive Manufacturing For The Win)
  13. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    still up in the air on the name... looking for more VOTES...
  14. paulburkittgray
    paulburkittgray New Member
    Dumb question - how do I vote? I can't see any actual buttons etc, just the graph of results in your post.
  15. RuggedBear
    RuggedBear New Member
    I too can only see the results. Creatio for me.

    Looking forward to the first edition.
  16. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    oops sorry- i put a 3 day time limit on the poll... if there are any others... please post here.

  17. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Hi Chris,

    Just wanted to ping you and bump this thread. This is an exciting idea and I'd like to see it come to fruition. :)

    Any updates? Anything me or my team can do to help?

  18. christopherlowe
    christopherlowe New Member
    unfortunately i didn't get anything to work with. i am going to try again at the beginning of the year, hopefully with more submissions... i didn't get any this time, but i got some great nibbles and great ideas.

    thanks for the inquiry.