Shapeways Live returns- Thursday 21st November, "Shop Tips for Holiday!"

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  1. bartv
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    Just a quick reminder: Shapeways Live will start at 2pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam time). Today I'll be joined by our production lead Alan Ballany, who can answer any questions you may have about our 3D printers. In addition, we'll take you on a virtual tour of our facilities here in Eindhoven.

    To join, go to the following page:

    We'll be monitoring the chatbox for any questions.

    See you online!

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  2. Magic
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    Ohoh... I can't connect from my office...
    Having (fortunately :)) a day job 2pm does not work well for me anyways...

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  3. bartv
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    §Next month's Shapeways Live will be from New York again, later in the evening EU time. It's never a great time for everyone. Still, we had 95 viewers today which was kind of a record!

    Because of connection problems we weren't able to record the entire show :( We did manage to catch my chat with Operations Team Lead Alan Ballaney. Alan and I talked about all the steps the 3D printing process, resolution, orientation, scaling etc - it should be very informative for everyone! The factory tour got lost, but I promise you I'll bring a cam and do a proper video tour of our Eindhoven facilities for everyone.

    For now, enjoy at least the first 35 minutes of todays show:


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  4. Magic
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    I will have a look :)

  5. natalia
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    Hey guys

    It's time again for Shapeways Live, your opportunity to chat with the crew :)

    Ill be broadcasting live from our factory in New York and will do a virtual tour to show you the buildout in progress

    Additionally, Gary from the customer service team will chat to us about the rejections process and we'll answer your questions!

    Besides rejections, any topics that you'd like me to cover?

    See you Wednesday 2pm EST (6GMT/UCT)
  6. Phxman
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    Bartv, is that 6am on the West Coast?

    I've set the alarm!

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  7. bartv
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    @Phxman you're quoting the wrong time - today's episode will be from NYC at 2pm EST, that's 11am West Coast if I'm not mistaken?


  8. natalia
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    indeed! No need to wake so early ;)

    It will be at 2pm EST/11am PST and 7pm GMT (oops I did my math wrong!)

    To join, go to the following page:

    We'll be monitoring the chatbox for any questions.

    See you online!
  9. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Hey Guys!

    Thank you for joining me for our super secret series of Bootleg videos of the Shapeways LIC Factory.

    Here's the link for those that missed it:

    Do yourself a favor and skip from minute 2:30 - 12 because that is a screenshare that didn't work. ;)

    After minute 12, its smooth sailing! and the sound improves dramatically at minute 19 ;)

    As I say in the video:

    I love that together with the community we hacked together a way to show you the tour of the factory!


    Practice makes perfect

    See you soon!
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  10. natalia
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  11. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the brief hiatus, we're trying out more ways to interact via video with you all, but Shapeways Live continues NEXT WEEK!

    Join me and Peter, our CEO, to announce our most recent exciting news!

    Wednesday May 1st
    2pm EST/11am PST and 6pm UTC/GMT

    Anything else you would like us to cover?
  12. natalia
    natalia New Member

    Shapeways Live is TODAY at 2pm EST/6pm UTC!
  13. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Thanks for joining us guys! Great to chat with you all again :)

    For those that missed it we covered:

    Pete announcing our new investment and how it will help us grow Shapeways - less rejections, better printers, more materials and more accessible printing for everyone. We are also expanding our teams (so we're hiring!) and looking at building more factories.

    We talked a bit about the currency selection project and how it is going. It is a big job and we want to make sure we are focusing our efforts on the the right implementations for both our Shop Owners and Shapeways as a healthy and growing marketplace.

    We also talked about the 10cm rule on weapons and why it exists. We covered our Content Policy and the idea that basically we had a draw a line somewhere and that is where it is.


    I'm afraid knot ;)

    This is the transcript of the chat for those that want the long version:

    [14:09] <qwebirc46966> glitches apart, thanks to Shapeways for this chat
    [14:10] <Natalia_> noworries!
    [14:10] <guillaume__> hi everyone
    [14:10] <Natalia_> im going to try ONE more time with a different browser
    [14:10] <qwebirc98725> i tried with safari and google chrome
    [14:10] <qwebirc98725> no change for me
    [14:10] <Natalia_> how about now?
    [14:10] <Natalia_> im broadcasting!
    [14:10] <youknowwho4eva> ad
    [14:10] <qwebirc98725> i get audio on the ad
    [14:10] <qwebirc46966> advert
    [14:10] <youknowwho4eva> Yay I hear you
    [14:10] <qwebirc98725> juicy fruit for me
    [14:10] <qwebirc98725> yes!
    [14:10] <youknowwho4eva> And you're less cuby
    [14:11] <qwebirc46966> lol, with audio
    [14:11] == qwebirc1898 [52e69845@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shapeways
    [14:11] <Natalia_> yay?
    [14:11] <qwebirc46966> ahhhhh
    [14:11] == qwebirc81473 [4cae79db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shapeways
    [14:11] <qwebirc46966> we can hear you now... super
    [14:11] <youknowwho4eva> No you
    [14:11] == guillaume__ [8168f702@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
    [14:11] <qwebirc46966> you audio
    [14:11] == hazy_v [632b04f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shapeways
    [14:11] <qwebirc98725> can hear you now
    [14:11] <youknowwho4eva> and your little song and dance
    [14:11] <qwebirc46966> please do
    [14:12] <qwebirc46966> Thanks Pete for leading the way with Shapeways... inspires others like us
    [14:12] == guillaume_ [8168f702@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shapeways
    [14:12] <qwebirc46966> congrats.. was listening to Pete in NYC that time
    [14:13] <qwebirc81473> congratulations on the funding!
    [14:13] == meeech [] has joined #shapeways
    [14:15] == qwebirc1898 has changed nick to MagicVince
    [14:16] <Natalia_> hi!
    [14:16] <FabMe> I was wondering, is it possible to FW all the communications between our customers about their orders from our shop ?
    [14:16] <qwebirc46966> cant change to sensible
    [14:16] == qwebirc81473 has changed nick to WilliamL
    [14:17] <MagicVince> There are two different thing: ordering with different currency and setting markup in dollars even f you are in Euope.
    [14:17] == WilliamL has changed nick to William_L
    [14:17] == William_L has changed nick to WilliamL
    [14:18] <youknowwho4eva> Hey Pete!
    [14:18] <SW_Mitchell> Hi Pete :)
    [14:18] == guillaume_ [8168f702@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
    [14:18] <MagicVince> hi !
    [14:19] <qwebirc46966> hi pete... thanks for the talk in NYC at the show last week
    [14:20] <MagicVince> lol
    [14:21] <MagicVince> inantaneous rejections!
    [14:21] <FabMe> i seen a sale that was canceled and i asked the support why it was canceled, Thomas said that the product was printed 3 times and failed so the customer canceled, and i didnt get any message... how am i supposed to know now why it failed to print when it was printed 3 times fine ?
    [14:21] <Natalia_> any questions?
    [14:21] == WilliamL [4cae79db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
    [14:21] <qwebirc46966> visting europe next week... can we visit eindhoven plant?
    [14:21] <FabMe> you should FW all communications about a model to the designer
    [14:22] <FabMe> NATALIA look up here :)
    [14:22] <MagicVince> ;)
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    [14:22] <FabMe> Hi :D
    [14:23] == clothbot [~clothbot@] has joined #shapeways
    [14:24] <hazy_v> The rule against weapons over 10cm seems unnecessarily cautious in terms of public relations, when are you going to allow hollow cosplay prop prints?
    [14:25] <qwebirc46966> is it secret or can we ask whose printers you use?
    [14:25] <hazy_v> Example: (1mm walls)
    [14:25] <FabMe> Great explanation ! Thanks we keep patiently pushing the boundrys !
    [14:25] <MagicVince> Moveable parts in Metal! Yeah!
    [14:25] <MagicVince> bye!
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    [14:26] <qwebirc46966> can we visit eindhoven if in europe next week?
    [14:26] <FabMe> you can see them live @ a meetup !
    [14:26] <qwebirc46966> do you have comments on voxeljet machines?
    [14:26] <qwebirc46966> no audio... advert on screen
    [14:27] <hazy_v> That's not an answer, I already know it's a rule...
    [14:27] <qwebirc46966> thanks FABME
    [14:28] <hazy_v> no why...?
    [14:28] <hazy_v> ugh
    [14:28] <hazy_v> unreal, you realize that you can buy a gun downtown for less than it costs for the hollow prints right?
    [14:28] <FabMe> Why would you wanna print weapons ? Print flowers, No guns allowed in here tonight ;)
    [14:28] <hazy_v> because people want to cosplay at conventions
    [14:28] <hazy_v> enthusiasts like looking like characters
    [14:29] <qwebirc46966> Thanks N... will check
    [14:29] <qwebirc46966> your views on voxeljet machines?
    [14:29] <FabMe> haha comercials :D crazy
    [14:30] <hazy_v> Ugh this isn't school, this is money you're saying no to for silly reasons
    [14:30] <hazy_v> liberal political reasons
    [14:30] <hazy_v> I'll try ponoko
    [14:30] == clothbot [~clothbot@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
    [14:30] <hazy_v> "hey, you know what, star wars nerds I don't think I want your money"
    [14:30] <hazy_v> "you keep it" ~shapeways
    [14:30] == GWMT [d83bea02@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #shapeways
    [14:31] <qwebirc46966> each company has their preferences... we support Shapeways
    [14:31] == clothbot [~clothbot@] has joined #shapeways
    [14:31] <hazy_v> Because people want to play as characters Natalia
    [14:31] <hazy_v> and order weird ass looking weaponry like this:
    [14:32] <FabMe> Print a mold for your parts and cast them yourselfs ?
    [14:32] <FabMe> :D
    [14:32] <hazy_v> that doesn't help the product stay cheap for customers, but thanks for engaging
    [14:32] <hazy_v> the cost would be too high, might as well get them handmade by theater prop designers
    [14:33] <hazy_v> Ok you've answered it, don't want to monopolize this thing, thanks!
    [14:34] <FabMe> In the netherlands you can get a fine of 15.000 or 1 year prison for look a like weapons a
    [14:34] <hazy_v> I know, you guys frighten easily over there haha
    [14:35] <hazy_v> ... it's more about the customers, ever dressed up as your favorite fictional characters?
    [14:35] <hazy_v> you're focusing too much on the weaponry aspect
    [14:36] <FabMe> I would love to hunt with some automatic suff ! but i would'nt love to have gangs and not so safe neighbourhoods :)
    [14:36] <qwebirc46966> voxeljet machines? Comments? if you please
    [14:36] <qwebirc98725> what do you think of the voxeljet printers??
    [14:37] <hazy_v> dude fabme you're making too many assumptions about people who enjoy shooting guns, can you stop?
    [14:37] <qwebirc46966> thank you
    [14:37] <FabMe> Thank you haze
    [14:38] <qwebirc46966> sure... thanks
    [14:38] <Natalia_> no worries
    [14:38] <qwebirc46966> link on site for job openings?
    [14:39] <FabMe> Is a part of the investment also going to promoting the shops ?
    [14:39] <Natalia_>
    [14:39] <qwebirc46966> thanks
    [14:40] <FabMe> Bye Natalia thanks !
    [14:40] <Natalia_> bye!
    [14:40] <Natalia_> thanks!
    [14:40] == qwebirc98725 [4a0ccc31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
    [14:40] <MagicVince> bye
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  14. natalia
    natalia New Member

    Hi guys, its been a loooong while, so we thought it's time to bring back the video chat.

    I think we all agree its better when we can actually chat back and forth and not just us broadcast video and you ask questions in the chat box.

    So, we want to do it as a google hangout - and continue them every other week. So more frequent chats, kind of like "Shapeways Office Hours" where you can ask us anything.

    I'd like to do the next on on Thursday 21st November at 3pm EST (8pm UTC) with myself and Savannah, our Shop Owner Coach

    We will be chatting about:
    -Getting your shop ready for the holidays!! So bring your tips and questions and we'll get you ready to sell this holiday season!

    In the future, I am also happy to make these very specific, if everyone wants to talk to a planner say, and ask him/her exactly what they are looking for when they check your model for printability, we can organize that. Or, we could ask our materials guys to join and tell you about the new guidelines for ceramics.

    So, post your suggestions here, and we can set up a schedule of office hours topics!

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