Shapeways Launches Etsy E-commerce Integration

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  1. GorgsEmporium
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    Hi all, I am writing today because with the Cyber Monday deal that just dropped (10% off with a $25 minimum) those of us who are using the Etsy Integration cannot take advantage of this coupon. For instance, if I sell a model on my shapeways storefront for $35, but it only costs $15 to make ($20 markup) then the customer can still receive a 10% discount because the total price is $35. However if a customer orders through Etsy and then I manually create the order through Shapeways (assuming same prices) I cannot take advantage of the coupon as I am only placing an order for a $15 item.

    And even further this is a problem because if they get the discount on Etsy for 10% off $35 ($3.50 discount) that only translates to a ($1.50 discount) for me, if there was no order minimum. So this coupon only "works" if you direct all traffic through to Shapeways. Basically, sellers be very aware before offering this to anybody not ordering directly through your Shapeways shop

    This needs to be fixed for those of us wanting to run sales. The minimum order amount is messing everything up.

    I currently have over $400 in sales waiting to be placed through Shapeways but if this coupon requirement isn't fixed I'll just have to refund all the orders as I would be losing money otherwise.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.
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  2. GorgsEmporium
    GorgsEmporium Member
    And I just realized that as an Etsy shop owner, we can only use this 10% discount code one time. Even though we have multiple users with multiple email addresses purchasing through Etsy, this does not work as all orders are placed through our email addresses.

    Shapeways, this is starting to feel a little bit like we're on unstable ground here. I don't know who was in charge of the details for Cyber Monday but this is kind of ridiculous. I am seriously disappointed to see there was no communication about the details from Marketing before Cyber Monday, and that the Etsy integration (and assuming Shopify too) is completely left out (unless you count a one time 10% discount code)
  3. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @GorgsEmporium

    Thank you for reaching out to us about this. First and foremost, thank you for using our E-Commerce Integration!

    This promotion was not intended for use via Etsy or Shopify storefronts. It was specifically geared towards direct purchases from Shapeways. That said, we will look into extending these promotions to our storefront users in the future. I'm sorry we were unable to accommodate this for our Cyber Monday promotion.

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  4. lawrencekramer2014
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    If you file the appropriate business information with shapeways and have everything shipped to you, then shapeways will not charge you retail use (sales) taxes and will charge you for shipping to you. But then you must do the shipping and charge the customer the appropriate taxes and shipping from your location (if you charge the customer for shipping) through etsy.
  5. Freakazoitt
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    I have problem connecting shapeways to etsy.
    Shipping and billing part.
    I says, I cannot use Russian address (I just want to put there my visa card to pay something from etsy orders!) US billing address not available for me now
    Why there is no options like using paypal or just ignoring billing address (why it's needed when payment uses visa card anyway)?
  6. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @Freakazoitt, thank you for reaching out to us about this. I have contacted my colleagues for more information and will follow up once they provide an update.
  7. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello @Freakazoitt. Our Developer team explained that this restriction was tied to a period of time when billing and shipping addresses had to be from the same country. Since we are unable to ship to Russia, this caused our system to also not accept billing addresses from Russia. I will follow up with you directly once this has been resolved.
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  8. reducedAircraftFactory
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    I've read through this thread and others, and I'm still left with some open questions about the Etsy-Shapeways integration:
    1. As I understand it, when a customer orders, Etsy collects the customer's money and sends the order to Shapeways. My credit card gets charged the "Shapeways Price" and Etsy eventually forwards the customer's money (minus a lot of various fees) to my bank account. What happens if the customer cancels the order on Etsy after Shapeways has already started printing? Am I forced to eat the cost? Can I at least change the order to be shipped to me instead of the recalcitrant customer?
    2. Why are both Etsy and Shapeways collecting sales tax? Can't Shapeways somehow tell Etsy, "I got it covered, bro."? (Don't tell me I need to file for exemptions in 50 states and 194 countries. Neither you or I want to deal with that paperwork.)
    3. Can Shapeways add High-Definition Full Color to the Shapeways Shops? If you did, I could just drop the Etsy middleman and these questions would be moot.
  9. ZapWizard
    ZapWizard Well-Known Member
    I am using the Shopify interface, but they work the same.

    The simplest way to think about it is that a customer is paying you to place an order on their behalf using your Shapeways account. Your customer's addresses even get saved to your "previous save addresses" on Shapeways.
    Other than an automatic tracking number notification the integration is very basic and doesn't provide any production state or other details to your customer.

    I have had to re-direct a few shipments to myself due to a customer cancelation.

    I had to increase my prices to included the extra tax that is charged by Shapeways.
  10. SemperVaporo
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    Saya tidak mempercayai tautan apa pun dari seseorang yang mengirim SPAM ke forum
  11. reducedAircraftFactory
    reducedAircraftFactory Well-Known Member
    Here's another thing about the Etsy integration, and why I would love to see Shapeways simply expand the Shapeways Shops to cover high-definition plastic and other materials...

    When someone orders from my Etsy shop, Etsy applies a "payment account reserve" to the total amount ordered until the items ship. That means if someone orders $350 worth of items from my Etsy shop, Etsy doesn't put $350 into my account right away; they hold onto $300 of it until the items ship. (Of course, Shapeway debits my other account as soon as the order arrives.) My personal bank account becomes a buffer and has to cover ~80% of the costs from the time when a customer orders until Shapeways ships the item. The more I sell, the more my personal bank account takes a hit.