Shapeways Launches Etsy E-commerce Integration

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  1. gregorykress
    gregorykress Shapeways Employee CEO
    Hello Shapeways Community,

    We are delighted to announce our newest initiative for businesses using Shapeways, Etsy E-commerce Integration. This seamless integration will enable users with Etsy shops to directly manage orders and fulfillment straight from Shapeways. This partnership also gives the members of our community who may not be current Etsy users an opportunity to set up their own shop, easily import their Shapeways products to Etsy, and expand their customer base.

    This integration allows for users selling on Etsy to automatically push their orders to Shapeways and then ship directly to themselves or to their customer.

    Ola Shektman, Shapeways community member as well as Creator and Designer of Cityscapes Rings, helped to test our integration and provide feedback. We were thrilled to hear her thoughts.

    “Etsy is one of the easiest ways to open a small business and offers an incredibly large market of ready to buy customers,” said Ola Shektman, “Before the Etsy E-commerce Integration, it took 5-6 minutes to place an order for my Etsy customers. This integration is magic, orders are placed automatically so I can spend more of my time working on new ideas and designs.”

    We can’t wait to see how this new e-commerce integration helps to free up your time to delight your customers and grow your business. You can get started now by setting up your free Etsy E-commerce Integration on the Shapeways E-commerce Integrations page.

    If you have any questions about the integration, please share here or

    Thank you,
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  2. Dotsan
    Dotsan Well-Known Member
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying this, I hope it's as smooth as you say, ha ha.
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  3. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    I don't have an Etsy shop, how will the listing charges that Etsy charges apply to materials and ring size variants for Shapeways products?
  4. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Smart move! :) Etsy is HUGE! I have always gotten several times more orders from Etsy than anywhere else.

    So this is drop shipping. Will this work internationally? Before, if you wanted Sapeways to ship the product to your customer you could use your customer's adress as the ship to adress but Shapeways would only let you do this if the shipment was in your same country. This drawback meant you had to have Shapeways ship to you and then you had to then ship it to your customer who was in the country other than your own. That was a no go becuase shipping was too expensive for most products.
  5. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    Hard pass here. I need the pieces to come through my hands for quality control.
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  6. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hello - this is very possible now! Through the integration you are able to set whether products are shipped to your address or to your customers address. If you set the latter, orders will automatically ship to them even if they are not in your country.
  7. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hello lawrencekramer2014 - Etsy charges listing fees on a per listing basis. In your description, ring sizes and material options would be variants (Etsy calls them variations) but having multiples of these will not change your listing fee for that specific listing. You can find more details on Etsy's fees in their tutorials, with an example here:
  8. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hello Ontogenie - through the integration you can set it so that all orders are shipped to you first. This is found in the settings menu under the "Order Fulfillment" section.
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  9. Qwar
    Qwar Member
    This is a great offering from the team at Shapeways but I do have a few initial questions

    1. What are the 40 materials available?
    2. If a product is sold for $10 by the seller what is the split? I see a 5% transaction fee but what would the additional integration fees be?
    3. Is this restricted to sellers located in the US?
  10. Great idea! I've got some questions:

    I already have an Etsy shop with a lot of items listed, if I proceed with the integration through the process on Shapeways site, will I create a second new Etsy shop or the items listen on Shapeways will be added to the existing Etsy shop while keeping my already exisiting Etsy listing?
  11. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hello Qwar - great questions! Hope these answers help:

    1. We offer many materials and finishes on which we have information here: One advantage of the Etsy integration is that you are able to sell in materials that are maker-only and are not available on our marketplace, such as our recently launched TPU and Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12 Glass Bead.

    2. The Etsy integration does not have any additional charges. A good way to think about this is that whatever price you set on Etsy for your product, that's the price you will receive from your customer on Etsy (after Etsy's fees which we don't control). The integration then places the order on Shapeways with the various settings you select. In the listings tab, when you edit a specific variant, you will see the Shapeways base price and some additional fees shown after you've mapped your model and selected your materials.

    3. This is not restricted to sellers in the US - it's available to all of our Shapeways customers. One thing to note is that there are some countries that Shapeways cannot service, so if an order comes in on Etsy from a customer in that country, we would not be able to fulfill it. The list of non-serviceable countries can be found here:
  12. It's a start...but what we really need is integration with something like woocommerce so we're not paying fees to yet more middlemen to sell our designs.
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  13. LeonTsivin
    LeonTsivin Member Product Team
    Hello Francesco_and_Lorenzo - You have total flexibility with this. After you connect your Etsy store to the Shapeways, you will your existing Etsy listing in the integration and you will be able to map the Etsy listing to it's Shapeways model and material. This way does not involve your Shapeways marketplace products at all.

    The other way you can do this is to import all of your public, for sale products from the Shapeways marketplace into Etsy. In this way, you would create a duplicate product that you would have to publish and activate.

    You can find additional details on creating or importing products in our help center and the setup guide here:
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  14. Greaseball
    Greaseball Well-Known Member
    How does this Etsy/Shapeways arrangement deal with returns, exchanges, or other problems? Do Etsy shoppers use Shapeways customer service?
  15. aryser
    aryser Well-Known Member
    I tried it out with my Shop . Finaliy it worked (two models are at least visible).
    I am afraid about the shipping costs. If I costumize not correctly I have to pay myself for shipping costs to clients.
    It would be nice if shipping costs and production times would come in future directly from Shapeways.

    any hints?
    Thank you
  16. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Guys read better the faq it says this
    "When an order is placed through Etsy, your card on file with Shapeways is charged for the base price of the model (plus shipping and applicable taxes). The customer will be charged the retail price (what you sell the product for on Etsy). Etsy will then distribute funds to your bank account based on their pay period."

    If someone on Etsy orders 50 pendants of 100 euro your bank account will collapse , because your CREDIT CARD is first CHARGED not the client card , and you will be in debt to your bank for 50 pendants price aka 5000 euro ... this give a instant closed account for FRAUD in EU.

    Maybe Shapeawys state the integrations it is for BIG BUSINESS not for designers or individuals, Because no designer can handle a pre-order from his pocket when a client send order on Etsy money are given in account 5 days and designer with the MONEY of the Client can make the freaking design and ship it.
  17. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Shapeways clean your stuff on law part , because this can land you in courts in EU.
  18. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    My advice to designers , do not bite the bullet if you don't want to have instant debts and credits to your name due "Etsy disintegration" new feature.
  19. numarul7
    numarul7 Well-Known Member
    Advice for Shapeways : Get an EU lawyer.
  20. Lefteri
    Lefteri Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hello numarul7, thank you for raising this concern!

    I understand being charged before receiving payment from a customer can potentially be problematic. Our integration offers an option to fulfill orders manually. So you can wait until you get paid by Etsy before processing the order through Shapeways.

    You can find this option on the "Etsy Settings" page:

    Also worth mentioning is that Etsy offers a "daily deposit" schedule. For Europe, the minimum amount to receive this daily deposit is 20 Euros.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us via :)