Shapeways Gallery Widget broke :(

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by i8kermit, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. i8kermit
    i8kermit Well-Known Member
    I've been using the gallery widget on my website successfully for a little while now.

    But recently, it looks like the widget died. All I get now is a grey blank background, where before I had 7 pages of thumbnails.

    Fails to work on Chrome, Safari, and IE

    Any ideas as to what broke, and how I can fix it? It was a great option to link people to Shapeways from my own portfolio site.
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  2. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    I too wanted to make a widget, but that seems to have crashed and burned.

    Using this page, , I wanted to make a list widget, but lists don't have embed links as described. I remain in the dark about how to make such a widget.

    (I also learned that some of my models cannot be added to lists, e.g. -- the whole list box that should be under the Buy button is missing.)

    So I tried a shop section widget but the models are all displayed in the wrong materials.
    Pretty goth eh.

    I know you're working hard on variants, but it's sad when you break useful things and never fix them. Is this on your list at all?
    And let's be real here -- if it's not coming back any time soon, how about taking down the documentation?

  3. i8kermit
    i8kermit Well-Known Member
    Hi Bathsheba, I was told sometime after I posted this that Shapeways is no longer supporting that widget. That's the same one I've been using. I do hate that it defaults to stainless for every model, but for my purposes it was enough. They did a fix to it so it's now working on my site, but they told me they will no longer be supporting it, and urge everyone to move to the supported widget, which is for individual listings.

    I'd really hate to have to embed 100 individual listing. Waaaay more work than a single widget. Hopefully they come up with a new solution.
  4. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    > I'd really hate to have to embed 100 individual listing. Waaaay more work than a single widget. Hopefully they come up with a new solution.


    Meanwhile, guys -- you need to take down tutorials for features that are not supported.
  5. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO
    Still works for me on your page?

    Can't remember we decided to stop supporting it. Will look into it.

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  6. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    The one on isn't a real widget, it's four individual embeds faked up to look like one. I put that in place a couple years back when this feature started to go south.
  7. i8kermit
    i8kermit Well-Known Member
    The old list widget I'm using is working now, but that was after some kind folks at Shapeways worked with me to get it going again on a one time basis, but I was told at the same time that this will not be supported or fixed in the future, and to move to the single listing widget.
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  8. bigmidas79
    bigmidas79 Member
    need good gallery widget.
  9. i8kermit
    i8kermit Well-Known Member
    Well, it's down again. I think this time for good. Any updates on a new gallery widget?
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  10. 3DKitbash
    3DKitbash Member
    Hello! I'm seeking help selling our Shapeways items on our site.

    There are still instructions HERE on Shapeways for installing the shop widget, but when I installed it, I got an error message. I spent an hour trying to get it to work. If it doesn't work anymore, will you please make note on that page to save the time of the future users who try it? I'm feeling frustrated now that I found this thread saying it has probably not worked for months.

    Having given up on the shop widget, I have now used the product widgets for all 50 of our products. They are too large and there is no space between them.

    May I please have advice on what code to use to add space between each of my products? I'm sure it's simple, but I dont' know how to write code. Currently, each product is touching the next.

    As others have noted, I'm not crazy about the outcome when I resize the products. The scroll bar makes customers do too much work, and conceals the 'buy now' button, which results in lower sales. I will likely spend time tinkering with these, and then scrap them and create each of our Shapeways items as regular products on our website. Then I will have to place each order individually with Shapeways as it comes in. That's a bummer for both 3DKitbash and Shapeways because Shapeways loses the traffic and I have to do much more admin work and tracking of the sales.

    Thanks for hearing my feedback. Please reembrace and improve the shop widget and provide a great solution so we can optimize sales, traffic, and user-friendliness in aggregate for all the Shapeways shop owners. :)

    Best, Natalie3D
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  11. stephancom
    stephancom Member
    Yeah, seems to be broken for me too!
  12. NimlothCQ
    NimlothCQ Well-Known Member
    This has now been fixed :)
  13. DadaAustralia
    DadaAustralia Member
    It was working back in November 2018 when I joined. but it broke again almost immediately. After considerable research the problem appears to be the Content-Security-Policy: "frame-ancestors 'self';" header, which makes it a CSP violation for anybody but Shapeways to include the widget page. And this also explains why you guys can never see the problem ;-) @NimlothCQ
  14. DadaAustralia
    DadaAustralia Member
  15. DadaAustralia
    DadaAustralia Member
    I have just been advised by Shapeways that this feature is no longer supported. No reason given.