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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by bluelinegecko, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. bluelinegecko
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    Don't know if it has been reported or not. It's not a "site" bug either. But the last 3 emails I have received from Shapeways (usually copies or recent blog announcements), have been WAY out of scale when trying to view them in Windows Live mail on my PC. If I go to the web-based version of my email provider (gmail) the email looks fine, but using Windows Live the pictures are so out of scale that they are too large to view, huge scroll bars appear, and I'm literally looking at individual pixels in the images.

    I haven't change any of my setting, and other emails from other companies are still showing up fine. Text based emails I've received form customer service appear fine too. But those being sent as HTML with images are appearing messed up. Thought I'd pass it along.
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  2. HOLDEN8702
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    I'm using my jurasic outlook express and is happening just the same.

    Is a sender issue.
  3. numarul7
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    On Yahoo mail looks good , but I did get some lag mails around ...