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    Hi all,

    For those who are considering the API and are daunted or confused (no one is saying our API is the easiest to use ;)), I'd like to schedule a monthly remote (and super informal) gathering over Google Hangouts where we all walk through getting up and running with the API using various different paradigms and programming languages.

    Sign up here:

    We will discuss everything from navigating the developers portal, creating an app, authorizing the app, and calling endpoints. This is a casual setting and really is an opportunity for all of us to establish a firm grasp of these concepts that, as I have observed, hangs up a lot of new comers. It also tries to build up our developer community--which, admittedly, has not been cultivated in the past.

    Please sign up if you want to be at the forefront of how we will be creating products and expressing our creative aspirations in the new digital manufacturing age. Vive la révolution!
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  2. imdaveho
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    @mark_mayer @stonysmith @Dream3d @airsofthc

    Thanks for joining in the first ever API workshop! It was an incredible experience to hear what you guys are all thinking of building. I was incredibly encouraged by each of your enthusiasm and willingness to help each other.

    I would encourage others to sign up for next month's workshop (May).
    Sign up here:

    • Thanks SO MUCH for the 4 of you that joined for this workshop (it seems like a good number and I'll like to keep it around there for subsequent ones)
    • I said I would record the session, but unfortunately, my recording software crashed in the middle and I didn't get it saved -- sorry @Carlos2k10 (please join the next one!)
    • I've taken note of how today's session went and will improve on the discussion topics for the following workshop:
      • I'm going to create a beginner friendly tutorial for authorizing your app based on different flows (web vs app/client) and walk through it as a guide on the next workshop (this will reduce the overall time it takes to go over the topic and get us to discussing application details sooner)
    • I will try (emphasis on try) to create a "toy" application to walk through some of the considerations here:
      • Model upload
      • Web store payment (integrating a payment option and Shapeways Order endpoint)

    • Let's continue the discussion over on the public slack group:
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    No problem Dave, I intended to attend in person but my schedule went bust at that particular time
    I will join the next one.

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    HI everyone. I just found this thread and very excited to learn more about the API.
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    hello, So We can't just put our models to SW marketplace enymore ? Please tell me that I'm wrong ... When I upload model, I only can order them .
    Best Seb